Will VAR be scrapped? Premier League’s next steps, club vote, managers speak out and when it could go

Will VAR be scrapped? Premier League's next steps, club vote, managers speak out and when it could go

Clubs are set to vote on the future of VAR (Image: David Horton – CameraSport)

Following a discussion about VAR’s future at the division’s upcoming annual general meeting, Wolves, Premier League clubs will vote on whether to keep using it or not for the upcoming season.

On Wednesday night, Wolverhampton Wanderers caused a small chuckle to go around the footballing world when it was revealed that they had sparked a vote regarding the Premier League’s future use of video assistant referees.

When the Midlands team filed a motion to ban technology use in the face of mounting frustrations in the game, it gave many football fans and former pros hope. At their AGM, Premier League teams will discuss the merits of the proposal and decide whether or not to proceed without video assistant refereeing.

The Premier League has previously declared that it will continue to use VAR. In order “to make continuous improvements to the system for the benefit of the game and fans,” they are in favor of collaborating with PGMOL.

Nonetheless, the league declared that it would arrange a conference among its owners. Mirror Football examines the current situation and the future course of events.

What is the purpose of Wolves’ proposal?
The team listed nine detrimental effects that the Premier League had experienced since VAR was implemented. They feel that “a constructive and critical debate on its future” is warranted after five seasons of use.

According to Wolves, there are “many unintended negative consequences that are damaging the relationship between fans and football, and undermining the value of the Premier League brand” in addition to the “small increase in accuracy that is at odds with the spirit of our game.”

What takes place after that?
On June 6, at the Premier League’s AGM in Harrogate, a vote will take place. Mirror Football is aware that a few clubs support Wolves’ proposal, but in order for a rule change to be approved, a majority of 14 out of 20 members must concur.

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