Son Heung-min becomes first Tottenham star to respond to furious Ange Postecoglou rant

Son Heung-min becomes first Tottenham star to respond to furious Ange Postecoglou rant

Ange Postecoglou has the backing of Son Heung-min

Ange Postecoglou criticized Tottenham’s mindset in the lead-up to their defeat against Manchester City, drawing criticism from the team, but his captain supported him.

Son Heung-min says Ange Postecoglou has “definitely shown he can bring success to the club” and he’s “all in” at Tottenham.

Despite a strong start to the season, the club will not finish in the top four, and the Australian is set to wrap up his first year in north London. Their chances of catching Aston Villa were dashed by their defeat to Manchester City, and the way the game was handled and the atmosphere surrounding it on Tuesday night drew a lot of criticism.

Postecoglou was vocal about the “fragile” foundations at the team and expressed disapproval of the notion that Tottenham might try to rig the match against City in order to prevent Arsenal from winning the league. The Australian approached a fan in the crowd specifically, and Son has supported his manager’s strategies.

“We should understand it’s the gaffer’s first year and he brought so much positivity and different football,” he said to the Evening Standard. Although it’s too early to tell, I still think he can be a huge asset to the team and we need to improve greatly for the upcoming campaign.

“I’m fully committed. I adore how he wants to play. It’s something I’ve never experienced before. Everyone needs to step up because we need to be united in this, including the club, the players, and the fans. He has undoubtedly demonstrated his ability to help the club succeed.

In the wake of Harry Kane’s departure from the team to join Bayern Munich in the summer, Son has had to step up. The South Korean has been a key player for Tottenham, but with the game still in the balance late in their 2-0 loss to City, he missed a golden opportunity.

“As players, we all wanted to do our best for the club and for us [against City],” their captain stated. Really, nothing else mattered to us. We focused only on what was best for the team, for ourselves. We only wanted to do the best for the players and staff who had endured numerous practices, games, and travels. We had no desire to take any further action.

Son Heung-min becomes first Tottenham star to respond to furious Ange Postecoglou rant

The Tottenham boss didn’t hold back in his assessment of the club this week ( Image: Getty Images)

A lot of attention is frequently focused on Tottenham’s protracted trophy drought, which began in 2008. Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, among others, have previously criticized the mindset; Postecoglou acknowledged that the past few days had shown him some things.

“I believe the last 48 hours have shown me the foundations are pretty flimsy,” he remarked. “I feel that way. I’ve learned a fair amount over the past 48 hours. That’s okay; it simply means that I have to start over with a few things. Inside and outside [the club]. It has been a thought-provoking exercise.


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