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What are Man City’s 115 charges and why are they suing the Premier League?


Manchester City has now filed a lawsuit against the Premier League.

Later this year, Manchester City will be the subject of a hearing about 115 charges brought by the Premier League. What exactly are the claims against them, and why are they suing the Premier League?

The Premier League filed the 115 allegations of financial rule violations against City in February 2023; the team is currently awaiting a hearing on the allegations.

This is true even though Richard Masters, the chief executive of the Premier League, told a Parliamentary Select Committee in January that a date had been decided upon, but he was unable to disclose it.

According to The Times, the hearing is scheduled to take place in November and is anticipated to go for six weeks.

Which 115 charges are levied against Manchester City?

Over 115 suspected violations of financial regulations pertaining to the years 2009–2018 have been brought against City. The club vehemently refutes every accusation made against them.

The following is the complete list of charges:

54 alleged breaches in the provision of accurate and current financial information from 2009/10 to and including 2017/18
Not participating in Premier League inquiries from December 2018 until the present [February 2023] 35 alleged violations
14 claimed breaches of the provision of accurate financial reporting for player and manager salaries from 2009–10 to 2017–18
Seven alleged violations of the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability criteria from 2015–16 to 2017–18
Failure to abide by UEFA rules, such as the Financial Fair Play and Club Licensing Regulations—five reported violations
The Premier League is being sued by Manchester City; why?

The Times revealed on Tuesday that City was taking the Premier League to court in a way never seen before.

It has been stated that a two-week private arbitration session starting on Monday, June 10 will settle the disagreement.

The Premier League’s Associated Party Transaction regulations, which are meant to stop clubs from inflating business dealings with businesses connected to their ownership, are the subject of the legal action.

City argues in a legal filing that the laws are “illegal,” that they are the victims of “discrimination,” and that they are subject to the “tyranny of the majority” because their competitors adopted the regulations.

The Times contacted Manchester City, but they declined to comment. SPORTbible called the Premier League to get further information.


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