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UNBELIEVABLE: Manchester City midfielder KELVIN DE BRUYNE divorced wife this morning after DNA test revealed their 5 years old son belongs to formal Manchester United player

The midfield player has been instrumental in helping Manchester City win five Premier League titles since joining the team in 2015. He has also won the coveted Premier League Player of the Year award twice.

The Belgian player began his career as a professional in his home country, playing for Genk, before moving to Chelsea in the Premier League. He moved to Wolfsburg, Germany in 2014, and it was there that he met his wife, Michèle, while he was a player for the team

Three years after starting their marriage, in 2017, Kevin and Michèle got married. They now have three kids—two boys and one girl.

In a 2019 interview with The Players’ Tribune, Kevin acknowledged the significant influence his wife has had on his life and expressed his admiration for her. I honestly don’t know how I would survive without her.

He calls Michèle De Bruyne the most important person in his life, but who is she really? This is a detailed account of Kevin De Bruyne’s spouse and their joint life.

It was on Twitter that she and Kevin first became acquainted in 2014.

Michèle and Kevin De Bruyne

The Instagram account of MICHÈLE DE BRUYNE

2014 saw the beginning of Kevin and Michèle’s relationship. Michèle was previously known as Michèle Lacroix. Kevin revealed that the couple first connected on Twitter in an interview with The Players’ Tribune.



A message on the social media site Twitter started the chain of events. Since I was still on loan at Werder Bremen at the time, I didn’t have many followers,” he reflected. “An attractive girl favorited a tweet I posted about a sporting event.” I was single at the time, and my acquaintance noticed that. “Don’t you think she seems like a nice young lady?” he asked. It would be best if you messaged her.


Still, Kevin said he didn’t have the emotional strength to message his future wife in private. As a result, the friend of the soccer player wrote and sent a message on his behalf.



Thankfully, he sent the message on my behalf, and she responded, the midfield player continued. “We communicated with each other via text messages over a period of several months.” My experience is that it gets a lot easier once I connect with someone. I was therefore in a good state after that point. It was simply a beautiful object.


In 2017, she got married to Kevin.


The Belgian football player proposed to Michèle at the top of the Paris Eiffel Tower in December 2016. Then, on June 26, 2017, the couple wed in Sorrento, Italy.


Following the wedding, Michèle shared a picture of the couple kissing on Instagram with the succinct caption, “26.06.2017.” In the meantime, Kevin shared a picture of himself and said he was proud to call Michèle his wife.


On their first anniversary in 2018, Kevin wrote to Michèle that their first year of marriage was great and that they looked forward to many more years of bliss. He called his wife his accomplice with affection. He carried out the identical gesture in 2023 to mark the couple’s sixth wedding anniversary.


“As they celebrated their sixth anniversary, he shared his gratitude and delight on Instagram for his beautiful wife and amazing mother to their three children.”

Kevin is the father of three children that she is the mother of.

This text focuses on the De Bruyne family, which consists of Kevin and Michèle.

The Instagram account of MICHÈLE DE BRUYNE

Together, the couple had three children. Michèle was found to be expecting their first child in 2015 during the transfer window. Kevin went on to say that his family was going through a very stressful and demanding time during this time

Mason Milian, their first child, was born in March 2016, and Rome, their second son, was born in October 2018. Michèle and Kevin celebrated the birth of their third child, a daughter named Suri, in September 2020.

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