Marcus Rashford’s attitude wouldn’t be tolerated at a ‘proper club’ blasts Graeme Souness

Marcus Rashford's attitude wouldn't be tolerated at a 'proper club' blasts Graeme Souness

Marcus Rashford has often cut a frustrated figure playing for Manchester United (Image: Ed Sykes/Getty Images)

This season, Marcus Rashford has struggled with form and his defensive play has drawn criticism. Graeme Souness is the most recent person to take aim at the Manchester United player.

Marcus Rashford of Manchester United has come under fire from Graeme Souness, who asserts that a “proper football club” would not put up with his work ethic.

Rashford, 26, has faced criticism in recent months for his work ethic and attitude, and this season has seen a significant downturn in his United performance. Compared to the thirty goals he scored the previous season, he has actually scored just eight goals in 40 appearances.

Not only is his attacking output in doubt, but his defensive play has also come under fire, with players like Jamie O’Hara and Mark Hughes criticizing his work rate off the ball. And Souness is the most recent person to bemoan Rashford’s work when he is not in possession.

Souness cited a moment from United’s victory over Luton in February as evidence of Rashford’s diligence and work ethic. The former midfielder for Liverpool also pointed out that, in addition to Rashford, Bruno Fernandes may not always put in “the hard yards” to support his team.

Souness said on William Hill’s recently launched podcast, Three Up Front: “Bruno Fernandes is a gifted player, but would he fit into Manchester City’s team? He possesses the necessary skills, but will he be willing to put in the hard work? Perhaps we’ll never find out.

“No one was given a pass when I was a player; you had to run forward and return even faster. No one was allowed to not look back.

“I would say that’s how it was before my time and still is for the elite teams today. You’re doing that in training every day if you’re at a proper club with proper professionals, and if you’re not, they will pursue you. Big clubs do this without even having to say it from the coach.

Marcus Rashford's attitude wouldn't be tolerated at a 'proper club' blasts Graeme Souness

Marcus Rashford has not played for the last three matches ( Image: Offside via Getty Images)

Marcus Rashford’s performance against Ross Barkley in their game against Luton a few weeks ago indicates that he must have been doing that in training, which is something that should be drilled into you in the training sessions.

“If he was doing that at a proper football club, they’d be all over him to the point where there would be fallouts, and if they didn’t learn, they’d think about selling you.”

Rashford might make a comeback for this weekend’s matchup against Arsenal after missing the previous three games. Prior to the FA Cup final matchup with Manchester City, United has three more Premier League games to play.

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