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Bruno Fernandes rocks Man Utd with future admission on eve of FA Cup final

Bruno Fernandes rocks Man Utd with future admission on eve of FA Cup final

Fernandes has called for the club to match his ambitions (Image: MUTV)

Fernandes acknowledged that United’s performance this season has fallen short of expectations, with their eighth-place result being the lowest the team has ever had in the Premier League.

On the eve of the FA Cup final, Bruno Fernandes shocked Manchester United by insisting that the team match his goals.

Fernandes’ future is uncertain because United is open to offers for any player this summer in preparation for a significant reorganization of their struggling team.

Fernandes has stated that he wants to stay, but he has made hints that he may leave this summer if United is unable to meet his personal goals.

Fernandes wrote: “I love to step out at Old Trafford more than anything in the world” in an open letter to United supporters. I’m not ready to go. My dream come true has always been this one.

“All I want is for my standards to match the club’s expectations.” Every fan you speak with will tell you the same thing. Our desire is to contend for the league. We want to be playing football in the Champions League. We hope to play in the cup finals. That’s the norm. That’s what I’m after. All of you deserve that. All I want to do is keep fighting. I’d like to be present. My relatives would like to attend.

Fernandes acknowledged that despite United’s eighth-place finish being the lowest in the club’s Premier League history, the team has not performed up to the expectations placed on it this season.

Fernandes acknowledged as much, saying that United’s players owed it to their devoted supporters worldwide to defeat local rivals Manchester City on Saturday and win the FA Cup.

Bruno Fernandes rocks Man Utd with future admission on eve of FA Cup final

Fernandes wants United’s standards to raise ( Image: Manchester United via Getty Imag)

Fernandes told the Players’ Tribune, “I want to say a few words from the heart before this FA Cup final.” “I am aware that this season has not been easy for you.

“We haven’t performed to the caliber you merit. We haven’t always returned the favors you have extended to us. I feel that more than anybody else in my role as captain, and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

“This club is more than just a catchphrase for me to post on social media. It’s something I take great pride in.

Bruno Fernandes rocks Man Utd with future admission on eve of FA Cup final

The Portuguese has been named the club’s player of the year ( Image: Manchester United via Getty Imag)

“As the captain, I have just attempted to embody Bruno.” Not some other myth, not some other figurehead—just me. The same Bruno off the field as well. And sincerity is crucial to me. Because of the way you have supported us, you fans deserve the truth.

“Irritation. That is how we all feel, isn’t it? I believe that’s all there is to describe this season. That would be the same, in my opinion and the opinion of any United supporter.

We had numerous instances where we were winning big games and thought, ‘Okay, now we are going to build from this,’ but it never really happened. For us, it never really clicked. We need to improve because we weren’t consistent enough. For our supporters, the club, and each other.

“We have had incredible support while traveling. You were all present at Selhurst Park when we lost 4-0, and throughout the entire game, our supporters continued to stand and sing. I was forced to watch at home due to an injury that kept me out, which really gets on my nerves.

“I wished I could have been on the pitch to stand in front of them and give them my own applause when I heard the fans singing. Despite all of the crap we’ve experienced, including setbacks and injuries, our supporters have never stopped being completely supportive.

“It is my duty to give more after this trying season.” I am the first to do it. And tomorrow is when it begins. We need to go forward and give it our all in this final game against City.

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