‘Here we go!’ – Double confirmation of big done Chelsea transfer deal today

The manager of the team selling the player to Chelsea as well as the main man himself, Fabrizio Romano, have both confirmed that Chelsea completed a major deal early this morning!

Beyond the official club announcement and confirmation, which, it should be noted, is still pending as of this writing, I don’t think you really need any more proof to state that Chelsea has just signed a player.

Sources: According to two sources, Chelsea is interested in the manager who hasn’t yet been named!
But you can safely say that you can expect that deal to go through when Romano makes the same “here we go” announcement that he did this morning.

Winger Estevao Willian, the next big thing out of Brazil, has been signed by Chelsea, and what a steal!

Let’s Get Started!

Here we go, confirmed, as Romano states in the post below.

However, as his post also shows, Romano has not only confirmed it—the Palmeiras manager has essentially confirmed that the deal is going through.

Regarding Estevão’s impending move to Chelsea, Abel Ferreira said: “Endrick to Real Madrid and then Estevão to Chelsea now… in one year! I’m hoping Chelsea will leave us alone and not sign any more players from us. Give us a break, please.

Although I can’t guarantee Chelsea won’t be knocking on his door again anytime soon—they seem to enjoy snatching up international talent from all over the world—you have to feel a little sorry for him after losing his two best young superstars.

Naturally, Estevao will not be able to sign with Chelsea until he turns 18, which will not be this season but rather the one after.

And Romano had some more information about the agreement. “A portion of the €25 million add-on package may already be activated while Estevão plays for Palmeiras in the upcoming season,” he states. The majority still depends on Estevão’s Chelsea performances. ‘Easy to reach’; €40m fixed, €25m add-ons confirmed.


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