The reason why John Stones’ goal for Manchester City vs Liverpool was deemed valid

Mike Dean, a former Premier League referee, stated that Manchester City’s opening goal against Liverpool was completely legitimate.

Liverpool aimed to regain the top position in the league following Arsenal’s victory of 2-1 over Brentford, which caused Liverpool to drop to second place. However, it was Manchester City who took the lead at Anfield courtesy of John Stones. Stones, formerly a player for Everton, skillfully redirected a corner kick from Kevin De Bruyne, successfully evading Liverpool’s goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher.

There were many who believed that VAR might disallow the goal since it appeared that Nathan Ake prevented Alexis Mac Allister from participating. However, the goal was permitted and City’s early beginning in Liverpool was duly acknowledged. During his appearance on Sky Sports alongside Peter Drury, Gary Neville, and Jamie Carragher, Dean provided a detailed explanation as to why the goal was deemed acceptable.

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“From my perspective, it appears that Mac Allister is exerting a force on Ake, drawing him closer, when observed from the vantage point behind the goal,” stated the ex-referee. “From my perspective, there was no fault in the objective of being completely truthful,” states the Liverpool Echo.

Neville praised Ake’s role in the goal as “ingenious” but expressed uncertainty about whether VAR would intervene. He stated, “I will need to reexamine it, but De Bruyne’s performance was truly brilliant.” How has he managed to identify that particular run?

“They must have put effort into that, what an individual to achieve that goal, what an individual for the specific event!” Ake demonstrates exceptional intelligence as he obstructs Mac Allister, although it is possible that VAR will review the situation to determine if Ake’s obstruction was from an offside position. Is he obstructing his access to that area? Coaches nationwide will be seeing that with admiration.

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