Premier League VAR vote set to force two changes including huge referee shake-up

Premier League VAR vote set to force two changes including huge referee shake-up

VAR will be subject of a vote in June (Image: Getty Images)

At their annual general meeting, Premier League clubs will cast a vote on whether to keep using VAR for the upcoming season after Wolves expressed their displeasure and submitted a motion.

There will be two modifications to match officiating following the Premier League’s vote on whether to keep using VAR in the upcoming season.

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ attempt to abandon VAR after five seasons looks like it might not succeed, but according to Mail Online, the pressure could be used to monitor changes made to the system. There are rumors that VAR in-stadium communication will be introduced to the Premier League, and several clubs think the pool of referees could be expanded to include Europe’s top officials.

Officials at the Women’s World Cup last summer were given permission to use microphones to inform stadium spectators of VAR rulings. There is a recognition among Premier League officials that the division ought to implement the same protocols.

Clubs will cast their votes regarding VAR’s future at the Premier League’s AGM in Harrogate on June 6. A majority of 14 out of 20 members must vote in favor of any rule change to be passed.

When Wolves called for the vote on VAR, they listed nine detrimental effects that the Premier League had experienced. They feel that ‘a constructive and critical debate on its future’ is warranted at this point.

The Midlands team claims that the “many unintended negative consequences that are damaging the relationship between fans and football, and undermining the value of the Premier League brand” are the reason for the “small increase in accuracy, which is at odds with the spirit of our game.”

In fact, Wolves chairman Jeff Shi has threatened to permanently harm the Premier League should teams reject the proposal to outlaw the use of the technology.

Premier League VAR vote set to force two changes including huge referee shake-up

VAR has been a polarising topic in football this season ( Image: Wolves via Getty Images)

“The Premier League’s match attending fans are becoming increasingly disengaged due to the negative impact of VAR on our match experience, which is also leading to apathy and hostility in the stands and on social media, negative and damaging rhetoric from pundits, players and managers and a destructive erosion of trust in football’s authorities and officials,” Shi wrote in the Telegraph.

All of this is bad for the Premier League’s reputation and brand, and if we don’t stop it right away, the harm might be irreparable.”

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