Noel Gallagher retaliates against Trent Alexander-Arnold in anticipation of the Liverpool versus Man City match.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has sparked pre-match frenzy by suggesting that Liverpool’s achievements have a deeper impact on their supporters than Manchester City’s successes. Noel Gallagher responded sharply to Alexander-Arnold’s statements, dismissing them as naïve.

The next meeting at Anfield on Sunday holds greater significance than a typical game, as it has the potential to greatly impact the course of the Premier League title race. Manchester City, the dominant team in five out of the last six seasons, has competition from Liverpool, who disrupted their reign in 2020, and Arsenal, who made an attempt under Mikel Arteta last year.

Although Manchester City has seen success under Pep Guardiola, Alexander-Arnold argues that Liverpool’s accomplishments are more meaningful to its supporters because of the differing financial situations and approaches to squad development between the two clubs. Liverpool has limited resources and there is no question about the club’s smaller size compared to the Etihad team.

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