Mauricio Pochettino left red-faced by Chelsea owner after ‘stupid rumours’ remark backfired

Mauricio Pochettino left red-faced by Chelsea owner after 'stupid rumours' remark backfired

It looked like Todd Boehly had given Mauricio Pochettino his backing (Image: Sportico)

The football world was taken aback by Mauricio Pochettino’s exit from Stamford Bridge, especially after Chelsea legend Todd Boehly gave him such high marks.

Todd Boehly’s laudatory remarks regarding Mauricio Pochettino turned out to be more of a farewell speech than full support from Chelsea.

Many supporters found it difficult to accept the Argentine’s sudden departure from Stamford Bridge in late May. It feels like a distant memory now, memories of Boehly raving about Pochettino’s “fluid” and “beautiful” football in the closing weeks.

After leading Chelsea to a strong finish to the season, Pochettino was replaced amid a storm of disappointment from the club’s supporters, who had previously subjected him to taunting chants of “You don’t know what you’re doing.” However, it appears that after making their public remarks, Boehly and Pochettino ended up looking like they had an egg on their faces.

The former Paris Saint-Germain manager exuded confidence and appeared to have the support of his superiors, while Boehly might have believed that a positive transformation was imminent in west London.

Boehly attended the Sportico conference following his team’s 5-0 rout of West Ham and their second Premier League victory over Tottenham Hotspur this season. He stated: “We’ve seen the last two and a half games, at least in the second half at Aston Villa [2-2 draw] and Tottenham and West Ham where we played just beautiful football,” according to Football London.

“The way we drew it up, the way we executed it, the way we built it up and moved up the pitch, the number of shots we had on board, and how fluid it was all came together perfectly. You could really see the things we were working on coming together in those two and a half games. Over the past two and a half games, even the commentary has changed. Nothing has ever changed for me so quickly.”

Though he gave off the impression of stability, Pochettino was asked about speculation that he would be the next Chelsea manager fired.

In a separate press conference, he stated, “We were talking about the judgement at the end of the season, if I feel I am under scrutiny.” “The people asked that question. However, it feels as though we must demonstrate that we are deserving of this opportunity to return for the upcoming season in spite of all of these obstacles. “Who is going to judge me?” I ask.

“I have to evaluate every player, including myself, and of course the entire season’s circumstances. However, I wanted to express that enough of these rumors. If my contract here expires in a year and nobody says anything, [I] assume that I will stay. That will only alter if the season is over and I receive a “ciao” from someone.”

“Because at this time we are unsure. I assume I will be staying here for the remaining year of my contract. But enough of the baseless gossip. Instead of writing meaningless things, you should find out from the club whether they want me to continue or not.”

Mauricio Pochettino left red-faced by Chelsea owner after 'stupid rumours' remark backfired

Pochettino left Chelsea on May 21 ( Image: Getty Images)

Prior to his last game, Pochettino mentioned that he had dinner with Boehly. He mentioned that it was a “very nice” meal but did not elaborate on the specifics of their conversation. Pochettino and the team “mutually agreed to part ways” barely a week later, which sparked yet another managerial search.

It appears that Enzo Maresca, the manager who successfully led Leicester City back into the Premier League on their first try, will take over as the team’s third permanent manager since 2022. The Blues’ board appointed the Italian, which is a bold but intriguing move that indicates the team’s new management philosophy—especially since they were also considering Kieran McKenna of Ipswich Town.

Maresca, who follows Pep Guardiola, will be ready for the intense scrutiny and pressure that come with the job at Stamford Bridge. He will surely have to deal with the board’s confidence, though. While Pochettino may have made a few mistakes while at Stamford Bridge, his biggest error may have been believing he had gained his employers’ trust.

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