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Marcus Rashford told what he should have done after confronting furious Man Utd fan

Marcus Rashford told what he should have done after confronting furious Man Utd fan

Marcus Rashford exchanged words with fans who appeared to heckle him (Image: James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images)

Marcus Rashford confronted Manchester United supporters who seemed to be making jokes about him before their match against Newcastle, and he was given advice on what he should have done.

At Old Trafford, Marcus Rashford appeared to be being heckled by Manchester United supporters, which he should have just ignored.

Gabriel Agbonlahor, who has urged the forward to put aside the criticism, says that a summer transfer to Paris Saint-Germain might be the best option.

The event took place during the pre-game warm-ups for United’s home match against Newcastle United on Wednesday. This season, the Red Devils won 3-2 at Old Trafford.

In a video shared on social media, Rashford approached some fans who seemed to be making fun of him. They then conversed, and some of his teammates, including Christian Eriksen, helped him leave the scene.

In his first appearance since sustaining an injury during United’s 4-3 victory over Coventry City in the FA Cup semifinal last month, the England international entered the game in the 83rd minute.

As the season draws to an end, Rashford will soon be able to close a difficult chapter in his career because he hasn’t been able to replicate his incredible goal-scoring form from the previous season, when he scored a career-high 30 goals across all competitions, down to just eight goals this year.

TalkSPORT discussed Rashford’s response to the heckling United supporters, and legendary Aston Villa player Agbonlahor had some thoughts on the event.

Marcus Rashford told what he should have done after confronting furious Man Utd fan

The 37-year-old said, “I can see the PSG move working for him and Manchester United.” As a football player, Al (Alan Brazil), you have to acknowledge that there were likely a few fans who mistreated you and choose to ignore it.

“Sometimes your own fans can come for you and you have got to ignore it and just pretend you can’t hear it.” The United supporters have been extremely critical of Rashford despite Erik ten Hag’s appeal for support for the hometown hero.

“I have a lot of sympathy for Rashy, of course,” the Dutchman said shortly after the team defeated Coventry on penalties. He had a fantastic season last year—possibly the best of his career. It was probably thirty goals. What he is capable of is evident.

“He hasn’t performed well this season, and people are criticizing him a lot. I believe we need to support him.” Everyone ought to support him and encourage him to return to his previous level of performance.”

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