Jurgen Klopp goes against Liverpool in final press conference with comments on VAR

Jurgen Klopp goes against Liverpool in final press conference with comments on VAR

Jurgen Klopp has said he would be in favour of scrapping VAR (Image: This Is Anfield)

Wolves submitted a motion to eliminate VAR for the upcoming season; however, Jurgen Klopp has stated that Liverpool will back their opponents this coming weekend.

During his last pre-game press conference as Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp stated he would be in favor of doing away with VAR.

Following Wolverhampton Wanderers’ proposal to discontinue use of the technology, Premier League clubs will address the technology’s future at their AGM next month. The resolution is expected to fail, as Wolves will need the support of the majority of 14 elite clubs in order to pass.

Liverpool is among the teams anticipated to advocate for the continued application of VAR in the upcoming campaign, preferring to see advancements over its elimination. However, Klopp, who will be managing the Reds for the last time this coming weekend, has stated that he would be in favor of getting rid of it as it stands.

“How it’s used is definitely not right,” stated Klopp. I would vote against it based on how they use it. These folks are unable to do it correctly. I would vote to do away with VAR because it is not the issue and you cannot change people.”

Wolves, whose chairman Jeff Shi has threatened “irrevocable damage” to the Premier League if drastic changes are not made, will travel to Anfield for Klopp’s farewell match.

According to Shi’s statement to the Telegraph, “VAR’s detrimental effects on the match experience are making Premier League fans less engaged. This is also causing animosity and indifference in the stands and on social media, negative and hurtful statements from pundits, players, and managers, and a detrimental decline in faith in football’s authorities and officials.

“All of this is detrimental to the Premier League’s brand and reputation, and if we don’t halt it now, the damage may become irrevocable.”

After several calls against Wolves this season, Klopp referred to them as “the champions” of VAR misfortune. Additionally, he forewarned his players that Gary O’Neil’s team would try to ruin the festivities on what looks to be an intensely emotional afternoon at Anfield.

Sitting here is a huge challenge. “I’m not sure how the team meeting will go,” stated Klopp. “The guys from the documentary are here, and I told them no when they asked to come.

Is it possible for me to catch fire? Most likely, but I’m not sure. I want to play the best football possible; that’s why people come. If there is a football atmosphere, it will be awesome.

“The most unlucky team I’ve seen with VAR calls is the Minnesota Timberwolves.” They are the leaders of that, but we had a few as well. Their goal is to end with a flourish.

He continued, saying, “This time, it’s not just a game to be played by standing there and acting like it’s normal. I’m hoping we can play well on the field.


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