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Jamie Carragher’s brutal advice to Casemiro as he rips into Manchester United’s coaching staff

Brazilian star singled out following United’s disastrous night at Selhurst Park

Jamie Carragher’s brutal advice to Casemiro as he rips into Manchester United’s coaching staff

Casemiro turned in a miserable performance at Selhurst Park

After a terrible showing in the 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace, Jamie Carragher of Manchester United told midfielder Casemiro to end his career at the highest level of the game. He said the Brazillian was no longer good enough to play for a major league team.
Even though Casemiro has had a difficult season overall, the 32-year-old stood out during United’s humiliation at the hands of Palace. Carragher, who played as a stand-in center-back on that particular night, did not hold back when he suggested the five-time Champions League winner should accept that his time as a midfield player is over.

Carragher told Sky Sports, “As an experienced player, Casemiro should know tonight that he should only have three games left at the top level-the next two league games and the FA Cup final-then go to the MLS or Saudi.”

“I mean business. The group of people surrounding him, acting as his agent, must urge him to cease. One of the greatest players of the modern era is on display here, dominating one of the best midfields in Europe while holding (Toni) Kroos and (Luka) Modric close to him.

“I am not even close to what that man has accomplished—winning the Champions League, representing Real Madrid and Brazil.

“However, there’s a proverb that always comes to mind when I retire: Give up the football before it gives up on you. He is no longer at this elite level of football. He needs to move and call it a day.

“They ought to make a deal and pay him back. However, a player like that shouldn’t have to go through this. by Crystal Palace. He isn’t playing for Real Madrid or Manchester City out of respect for Crystal Palace.

“A man of that caliber shouldn’t have to go through what he is and call it a day.”

Erik ten Hag, the manager of United, acknowledged that his team as a whole underperformed and insisted that Casemiro was not the only reason for their appalling performance.

You cannot assign this to a single player. Ten Hag reiterated, “It’s a team effort.

We as a team shouldn’t allow the throw-in where the first goal is conceded because we don’t adhere to their rules.

“We don’t adjust to the various circumstances in order to maintain organization and control in those circumstances. It is not possible for five players to be over the ball and have a throw-in.”

“There are always explanations, and everyone can see that we have serious issues with our backline. We have to deal with it in the end, and we ought to have performed better.”

Carragher continued, calling United “the worst coached team in the Premier League” and adding that the crushing defeat at Palace this season could have happened multiple times.

Remember, he said, “that score should have happened at Brentford a few weeks ago.”

“We’ve seen that a lot this season, and the goalie usually makes saves to let United get away with it. Tonight, he didn’t.

“There should be no Manchester United team falling to Crystal Palace 4-0.

“Although I understand the concern about injuries, Manchester United’s under-23 team has received coaching, academy training, and playing instruction. I believe that Manchester United would not have lost 4-0 if their under-23 team had played Crystal Palace tonight.

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