Jamie Carragher predicts Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man City to win the Premier League.

Following the Reds’ 1-1 draw with Manchester City, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher thinks the Premier League title race could go down to the wire.

Jamie Carragher predicts Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man City to win the Premier League.

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Observing the close draw between Liverpool and Man City at Anfield, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes the Premier League title race could go right down to the wire.

In the exciting match on Sunday, Klopp’s team outplayed Pep Guardiola’s squad 1-1 in the second half. Prior to Alexis Mac Allister’s equalizing goal from the penalty spot, John Stones had opened the score.

Now that they are tied with Liverpool on points but have a better goal differential, Arsenal is leading the table. City is in third place, one point behind.

Carragher believes that this hotly contested race may go all the way to the last day of competition.

After the game, Carragher spoke with Sky Sports and praised all parties involved, saying, “What a game. The Premier League is outstanding. Both teams should be proud of their performances; obviously, I wanted Liverpool to win in the end, but these two managers have provided us with amazing leadership over the past seven or eight years.

“Looks like it’s going to go to the wire alongside Arsenal now!” he continued. If you were Arsenal and you watched today, you most likely believed that a draw would be the best outcome for you.”

“They need to score points to defeat them, but City’s next four or five games are difficult. Liverpool would probably prefer to defeat City even with Arsenal leading the league because I believe that City’s final five or six games of the season will be ones in which they earn the most points.

“If they don’t drop points in the next few weeks, I think they’ll be really tough to stop.”

Due to FA Cup matches, none of Liverpool, Arsenal, or Man City will play in the league the following weekend. Domestic action is then suspended during the international break in anticipation of a crucial match between Arsenal and Man City at the Etihad.

Carragher thinks the outcome may be crucial in determining where the title will appear. He went on: “I genuinely believe that City will be heavy favorites if they defeat Arsenal. It’s up in the air, but I believe we’ll have the same discussion if Arsenal goes there and gains something.

“I do feel like Arsenal and Liverpool would need a three or four point gap going into the last sort of five or six games of the season if they are to top City.”

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