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“He’s just a waste of money. Arsenal will never enjoy him”- Man City Boss Pep Guardiola says £27M Arsenal player was a really poor signing and could make Arsenal end this season trophyless is care is not taken- Not Havertz, Not Kiwior and not Fabio Vieira

All he is is a costly waste. Arsenal will never enjoy him.Man City manager Pep Guardiola asserts that a £27 million acquisition from Arsenal was an extremely poor decision that might result in the team winning nothing if Havertz, Kiwior, and Fabio Vieira are not managed carefully.

“Cash squandered” The £27 million Arsenal player, according to Pep Guardiola, was a terrible addition.

David Raya has been under fire since Arsenal’s loss to Porto on Wednesday.

The Spaniard didn’t do anything particularly wrong during the match, but a long shot from Galeno in the last minute proved to be too much for him to handle.

In actuality, Raya received no attention at all from this looping attempt, and many are questioning both his placement and his competence.

When talking about Raya’s Arsenal career to date on TalkSPORT, Pep Guardiola gave a critical evaluation of the £27 million player.

Pep goes so far as to say that Raya shouldn’t be Arsenal’s starting goalkeeper right now and that he was a waste of money.

David Raya was a waste of money.
Guardiola gave his thoughts on the stopper.

I apologize; I hate to criticize players, but even so, I don’t think he should be in goal. Brazil said, “I think the money was wasted.”

rigid but logical
Brazil made an extremely harsh decision, but for the most part, he is right.

Raya isn’t exactly a waste of money at £27 million, but perhaps he wasn’t a necessary addition.

The idea that Arsenal had to go out and sign a player such as Raya as an alleged upgrade sounded absurd at the time and still does, especially in light of the fact that Aaron Ramsdale hardly made a mistake in the previous season.

Ramsdale is a highly regarded player who had an excellent season last year, so Raya will surely be under more scrutiny. Raya’s performance against Porto wasn’t terrible, but the criticism of it only goes to show how the football community as a whole currently feels about Raya.

There are definitely issues with Arsenal’s decision to sign Raya.

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