Gary Neville makes complaint about pre-match coverage of Chelsea vs. Newcastle and calls it ‘offensive’

He was not pleased with Jamie Carragher’s assessment of the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Gary Neville makes complaint about pre-match coverage of Chelsea vs. Newcastle and calls it 'offensive'

Gary Neville was “offensive” about a segment on Monday Night Football ahead of Chelsea’s match against Newcastle.

Before kickoff, pundits Jamie Carragher and Ian Wright discussed how iconic the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City has become since last weekend’s dramatic 1-1 draw at Anfield.

As footage from Sunday’s game played on-screen, Carragher told viewers, “I don’t think we’ve seen games like this. And this isn’t because Liverpool is involved.

“Go back to the rivalry between Manchester United and Arsenal, which was more fierce and aggressive between the players and managers. In terms of quality, intensity, and entertainment, I don’t believe we’ve seen anything like this before.”

Not long after, co-commentator Gary Neville joined the debate and did not mince words.

“I mean, Carragher’s statement that Liverpool and Manchester City over the last six years is the greatest rivalry is offensive,” he was quoted as saying.

“From 1998 to 2004, Arsenal won three titles. Manchester United won four. It was blood, thunder, and quality. Everything you could want in a rivalry.

“In the last six years, Liverpool has won one title. It’s been a complete demolishment. And for Ian Wright to stand there and not help him up is unbelievable.”

You can watch the entire clip below.

Carragher responded, saying, “Listen, off the pitch, it was a bigger rivalry.” They all disliked each other. “He [Neville] was running down the tunnel, trying to get away from Patrick Vieira.”

The former Liverpool defender, who made 737 appearances, said: “In terms of quality, I believe these are the better games. One hundred percent. “They never, ever disappoint.”

Ian Wright also chipped in. “You know something, Gary. I’m fine with the rivalry stuff. That’s fine. Just let it go, brother. “Let it go.

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