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Ex-Liverpool star proved right over Jadon Sancho prediction immediately after Man Utd move

Jadon Sancho was advised by Glen Johnson not to join with Manchester United prior to his £73 million transfer from Borussia Dortmund, and his forecast has come to pass.

Ex-Liverpool star proved right over Jadon Sancho prediction immediately after Man Utd move

Sancho and Ten Hag reportedly had a dispute at the beginning of last season (Image: OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Jadon Sancho’s career was allegedly predicted to be terrifyingly accurate by an ex-Liverpool star, who also cautioned the young player against joining Manchester United.

According to the Mirror, veteran Liverpool defender Glen Johnson suggested in 2020 that Sancho “avoid rushing” his career and think about waiting for another Premier League powerhouse.

Johnson was convinced that a move to United would be a “wrong decision” for his career before Sancho signed any contracts, implying that Liverpool or Chelsea may be better choices.

In an interview with talkSPORT at the time, Johnson said: “He can take his time selecting his next club because pretty much everyone who can afford his transfer fee will want him.” But I believe that signing with Manchester United would be a mistake.

“Obviously, United is a magnificent club, and it would look great on his CV, if he were to join them now. However, the team is not where it should be, and I believe that when he was a little child, they would have put too much pressure on him right away.

“That young man shouldn’t have to represent a team the size of United by flying the flag. It would be difficult for him to bring that pressure with him to the Premier League, as I believe he would sense it from anywhere.

“Marcus Rashford is currently leading the team, but his body is paying a price for it. You have to use caution with small children because some of them are still developing.

“His growth would be aided if he joined Chelsea, Liverpool, or even a Spanish club, where he wouldn’t have to make an immediate impression and would instead be gradually incorporated into the lineup. Although he might not be able to start every week, he would be doing it correctly.

Ex-Liverpool star proved right over Jadon Sancho prediction immediately after Man Utd move

Glen Johnson warned Jadon Sancho of his United move before the transfer even happened (Image: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

“Whereas if he went to United, yes he’d start every week, but the team are struggling so it would be hard for him to find his feet.”

After a clash with United manager Erik Ten Hag in January, Sancho returned on loan to Borussia Dortmund, proving that this prediction was spot on.

When Sancho was left out of the United squad in 2023, Ten Hag revealed why, stating: “We didn’t select him because of his performance in training.” At Manchester United, there’s a level you have to hit every day.”

Sancho responded with a now-deleted social media post that said, “I will not let individuals uttering things that are entirely incorrect. I’ve behaved myself admirably during this week’s training.

“I won’t get into other reasons why I think this is the case. I’ve unfairly been used as a scapegoat for a very long time.”

After this altercation, Sancho kept Schtum, who, in spite of his teammates’ entreaties, refused to accept responsibility for his actions and was ultimately sent to Dortmund for the balance of the season. There, he returned to his excellent form and helped them win the Champions League, only to see Real Madrid beat them 2-0 at Wembley thanks to a fantastic first half.

If Ten Hag is removed from his position as United’s head coach, the young English winger would decide to play his football in Manchester, according to a report published by The Mirror earlier this week. The club started reviewing the Dutchman’s performances in-depth before deciding whether to continue with him or change course, so he is currently waiting to hear about his own future.

Sancho paid £73 million to join United from Dortmund in 2021, but the deal hasn’t worked out for either party. As a result, if no team is willing to pay for Sancho’s talents and Ten Hag stays, the star may go out on loan once more.


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