“Arsenal can NEVER win the league with him, he’s a bad egg, he won’t allow Arsenal team to progress”- Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher has told Mikel Arteta that he should sell out his star player if he want to be serious about winning the league- Player not Havertz, not Partey and not Nketiah

“With him, Arsenal can never win the league; he’s a bad apple who won’t let the team advance.”- Liverpool legend If Mikel Arteta is serious about winning the league, Jamie Carragher has advised him to sell out his best player—not Havertz, not Partey, and not Nketiah.

With Aaron Ramsdale starting in goal, Jamie Carragher maintains that Arsenal has “no chance” of winning the Premier League.

The manager of the Gunners, Mikel Arteta, has stated that he will rotate the goalies throughout the season and may even substitute them during games. David Raya has started the team’s last two games.

Peter Schmeichel, a former goalkeeper for Manchester United, asserts that Arteta’s squad contains two first-choice players, which is problematic.

When asked about Arteta’s choice to sign Raya, Schmeichel said to CBS Sports, “I don’t understand why you want to put goalkeepers in a competitive situation.

Stability is the one quality you want most in a goalie. Therefore, goalkeepers play a very reactive position; there is never any proactive action taken; all of your work is done in response to other people’s actions; you are never able to take the initiative and make a save for yourself.

Stability is what you want in a goalkeeper. Stop the ball from entering the net by doing what he is supposed to do. You’ll eventually think, “I have to prove I’m a better goalkeeper than the other one, I’m going to try this or that,” if you’re in a competitive setting. However, when goalies try new things, they usually don’t work out.

“I don’t understand this; I think it’s crazy, and I believe that Arteta may be unintentionally causing himself more problems in the future.”

However, Carragher believes that Arteta has only improved with the addition of Raya, who is tipped to return from Brentford on a permanent loan in the summer.

“I recognize that having two goalkeepers with comparable skills could present a mental challenge for the goalie,” Carragher remarked.

“But Mikel Arteta must make that acquisition if he believes he can bring in a better goalkeeper in order to improve Arsenal as a team.”

When Schmeichel asked Carragher if he believed Raya was a better goalkeeper than Ramsdale, Carragher answered, “100%.” Ramsdale in goal will never help Arsenal win the league; they have no chance.

“Ramsdale plays for Arsenal, and he’s not even allowed to play for England.”

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