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Anthony Gordon reveals the two objectives he established for himself at the start of the season with Newcastle.

Anthony Gordon has revealed the specific goals he established for himself prior to his inaugural complete season as a member of Newcastle United.

Gordon’s exceptional performance has been crucial for Newcastle, garnering him significant admiration throughout the Premier League. Many have proposed that he should be promptly selected to represent England.

During an interview with Craig Hope, Gordon revealed his initial goal for the season: to secure a spot in the England team and establish himself as Newcastle’s most influential player.

Gordon had an ambitious goal for himself last summer.
Following a challenging six-month period for Gordon since his transfer from Everton in January, the winger was highly motivated to begin the new season on a positive note and exerted significant effort to achieve this goal.

From the very beginning of the match between Newcastle and Aston Villa, it was evident that Gordon had made significant efforts to improve his fitness level, which was lacking in the previous season.

One crucial aspect of his game is his capacity to exhaust himself for the benefit of his team. Eddie Howe, who employs a demanding style of play characterized by high intensity, expects a lot from his players.

With an upcoming international tournament, Gordon saw the necessity of elevating his performance to get a place in the event. His primary objective for the new season was to reach this aim.

Gordon stated that he had identified England as his primary objective at the beginning of the season and recorded it in his notebook. In addition, I expressed my desire to become the pivotal player for Newcastle, someone whom the manager could rely on without hesitation. I desired to include something that would enable me to take personal responsibility.

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