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Mohamed Salah possesses a newfound advantage at Liverpool that he previously lacked, and this advantage has the potential to aid in defeating Manchester City.

Liverpool is facing a highly significant match this weekend, coinciding with the return of Mohamed Salah, who is fully prepared to participate. Ideally, it is expected that the Egyptian player would always be present for every minute of the game. However, it is fortunate that he will still be able to participate in the Manchester City match.

Salah has a remarkable track record against Pep Guardiola’s team, and this season, he also benefits from the presence of a thriving Darwin Núñez by his side. Collectively, the duo has the potential to create numerous challenges for Rúben Dias and his teammates on Sunday.

“He is undeniably an exceptional player,” Salah stated, as reported by Liverpool’s official website, while providing a preview of the encounter. “However, I consistently observe the necessity to adjust my approach to accommodate the players who are in my team, as was previously the case with Cody [Gakpo].” I endeavor to establish a partnership with him.

“Prior to Cody, Bobby Firmino was my teammate, and we shared a strong rapport on the field, with a deep understanding of each other’s playing styles.” In order to effectively collaborate with someone, it is imperative that I comprehend their playing style and identify their areas of expertise. This knowledge will greatly enhance our collective performance during the game.

“Núñez possesses a unique playing style.” We have never possessed such a characteristic previously, namely his fondness for running in open areas. He has a distinct aversion to having the ball at his feet, which is a distinctive trait, and he possesses exceptional speed.

“He maintains visual contact with me because he is aware that I possess the ability to effortlessly deliver the ball to him in a strategic position, allowing him to successfully conclude the play.” The player’s statistics have shown significant improvement this season, which is highly beneficial for our team.

Salah has scored 19 goals and provided nine assists this season, while Núñez has scored 16 goals and contributed 11 assists. These stats represent the top-tier players of Liverpool who have had the greatest influence in terms of the crucial statistic of scoring goals.

“I consistently make an effort to observe him during training sessions, as well as pay attention to the other individuals present, in all fairness.” Similar to Cody’s behavior during his playtime. “When Darwin plays as a striker, I can pass the ball to him in open areas, but Cody prefers to receive the ball at his feet. So, their preferences are different,” Salah explained. “Given the varying types of players, it is necessary to adjust and accommodate to the specific players at hand.” This is the primary advantage.

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