Why I suspended Garnacho for 6 months – Eric Ten Hag explained in detail

Following Manchester United forward Alejandro Garnacho’s posting of gorilla emojis beside a photo of Andre Onana, Erik ten Hag has responded to the punishment threat by saying, “We are together.”

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Alejandro Garnacho’s use of gorilla emoticons in a tweet regarding Andre Onana has Erik ten Hag unconcerned about a punishment for the Manchester United star.


Threat of a Garnacho ban does not concern Ten Hag.

As part of Onana’s message, Garnacho included gorilla emoticons.

Defensive player has been backed by goalie

WTF transpired? After Onana’s last-ditch penalty save in Tuesday’s 1-0 Champions League victory over FC Copenhagen, Garnarcho tweeted a photo of the goalkeeper with gorilla emojis. After removing the emojis, the 19-year-old deleted the message completely. The FA is looking at what happened.


VERDICT: United manager Erik Ten Hag stated on Friday that the suspension of Javier Garnarcho is not a concern for him. Just [not] worried about this moment,” he told reporters on Saturday, just before Sunday’s Manchester derby. “We are in discussions with the FA. I can attest to that, and I think it’s important to stress that we are united and that it shows in Andre Onana’s message.


A MAIN VIEW: Ten Hag’s post was actually Onana’s reaction to the situation. The Cameroonian goalkeeper shared a team selfie on Thursday on Instagram Story, alongside Garnarcho and teammates. He captioned the post: “People cannot determine what I should be outraged by. Power and strength are precisely what Garnacho meant. We should end this here.


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Tweets from Andre Onana and Alejandro Garnacho about gorillasagarnacho7’s Twitter profile

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