SUPER COMPUTER predicted Manchester United to beat Chelsea on Thursday in Stamford Bridge – Full-time: Chelsea 0:1 Manchester United

Erik ten Hag ought to deploy an unprecedented attacking trio against Chelsea, with a mere 22 collective starts this season.

Erik ten Hag ought to deploy an unprecedented attacking trio against Chelsea, given they have only accumulated a total of 22 starts this season.

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Manchester United must act quickly as their next Premier League match is imminent.


Following a somewhat unsatisfactory 1-1 draw against Brentford, Erik ten Hag’s upcoming challenge is to confront Chelsea. The Dutch management will need to consider several factors before this match.


Specifically, there are concerns regarding the performance of the forward line. Following a period of 90 minutes without any significant offensive opportunities against the Bees, it may be appropriate to consider making changes to the attacking lineup.


We believe that Ten Hag should adopt an audacious approach by deploying a forward line consisting of players who have collectively started only 22 matches in the Premier League this season.


Erik ten Hag ought to field a whole new trio of forwards against Chelsea.

Following a dismal performance in the attack against Brentford, it is necessary to experiment with a completely new offensive strategy against Mauricio Pochettino’s team, especially considering the upcoming game against Liverpool on Sunday.


Mason Mount is a left-winger.

Brentford FC will face Manchester United in a Premier League match.

The photograph was taken by Justin Setterfield and is credited to Getty Images.

The Premier League commences on the fourth day.

Objective: 1

Number of assists: 0

Currently, Marcus Rashford is not doing well. Considering that Mason Mount scored his first goal from this position over the weekend, it could be appropriate to give him a chance to start on the left side.


Mount has a significant objective to demonstrate to both Manchester United and Chelsea fans, and we are certain that his performance in the Brentford appearance was sufficient to warrant a place in the starting lineup against Chelsea.



Mount was one of the few standout performers for United in terms of attacking play and provided a greater contribution than Rashford. Mount was first acquired as a midfielder, but could he establish himself as the primary player in the left-wing position? There is likely minimal risk in attempting.


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The player in the position of striker is Rasmus Hojlund.

Brentford FC will be facing Manchester United in a Premier League match.

The photograph was taken by Ryan Jenkinson and is owned by MB Media/Getty Images.

The Premier League commences on the 18th.

Number of goals: 7

Number of assists: 2

Without a doubt, the only suitable choice for the top position is Rasmus Hojlund. He is the sole proficient and specialized striker that Manchester United possesses, making him one of the top priorities for the team’s lineup.


As it has been established, Hojlund is a player who need some time to reach his full potential, and following his return from a prolonged injury, he is currently experiencing a period of reduced performance.


With a few additional minutes, and the possibility of scoring a goal, the aim should be to remove him from that situation.


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Amad Diallo is a right-winger.

Manchester United will be facing Fulham FC in a Premier League match.

The photo is credited to Visionhaus/Getty Images.

The Premier League commences with zero matches played.

Number of goals achieved: 0

Number of assists: 0

Amad Diallo, who performed exceptionally well against Liverpool, deserves to be recognized and rewarded in the upcoming match against Chelsea, due to several compelling reasons.


Alejandro Garnacho seemed really fatigued. Although he is one of our most skilled players, he is nevertheless only 19 years old. The brilliant Argentine player requires some rest, and playing against Chelsea would be a suitable opportunity for that, especially since they will be facing Liverpool the following Sunday. It would have been advisable for him not to have started the match against Brentford.


Diallo’s unparalleled work ethic was evident when he entered the FA Cup match, and it would be fitting to see him acknowledged for his diligent efforts by being given a position on the right-hand side.


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