Sir Alex Ferguson finally convinced Jurgen Klopp to become Manchester United next manager – Hear Jurgen Klopp responds

Robert Lewandowski has disclosed a clandestine telephone conversation he had with Sir Alex Ferguson over a possible transfer to Manchester United. It is evident that Jurgen Klopp was displeased by this revelation.


Lewandowski is regarded as one of the most exceptional forwards of his day. However, he has never had the opportunity to showcase his skills in the Premier League, which is a source of disappointment for him.


The Polish forward has consistently scored a significant number of goals throughout his time at Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, and currently at Barcelona. Furthermore, he has achieved success by winning nearly every available title.




Lewandowski achieved consecutive Bundesliga titles with Borussia Dortmund after transferring from Lech Poznan in 2010. Subsequently, he obtained an additional eight league winner’s medals and a Champions League medal after a contentious transfer to Bayern.


During the previous summer, the individual from Poland relocated from Bavaria to Catalunya. His impressive record of scoring 17 goals in 23 league games has greatly contributed to Barcelona’s current 12-point advantage at the summit of La Liga.


Nevertheless, during a recent interview, Lewandowski disclosed that his professional trajectory may have taken a markedly distinct course.




During his time at Dortmund, he had a confidential phone chat with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who persuaded him to join the prestigious Premier League club.


“I vividly recall the precise moment.” In our preparations, we had a friendly match against Dortmund, specifically against Bochum. “I was substituted at half-time,” Lewandowski informed Bild.


I examined my cell phone while in the changing room. A text message was received from the sender with the phone number +44. Ferguson attempted to contact me by phone and subsequently sent me a message. He desired to engage in conversation with me.


“I remained in the dressing room and proceeded to take a shower before returning his call in a secluded area.” My proficiency in English was not as advanced as it is currently. His accent is distinctly Scottish.


Lewandowski has had a highly successful debut season with Barcelona. The user’s text is incomplete and does not provide any information.


“I was deeply engrossed in comprehending his intended message!” Alex Ferguson made an effort to be thoughtful and deliberately spoke at a slower pace. At the age of 22, I experienced a significant and memorable moment.




Lewandowski engaged in conversation with the then Dortmund manager, Klopp, but received a curt and direct reply.


I had a conversation with Aki Watzke, who is the CEO of Dortmund, and Jurgen Klopp while we were in the camp. I desired to visit Manchester United. However, they firmly rejected the possibility, Robert. Your presence is required. “You must remain,” he said firmly.


As the common saying goes, the remaining events and details are already well-known and documented. Lewandowski declined the opportunity to join United, and in the subsequent years, he has had far more success in terms of winning trophies compared to the Old Trafford team.


However, his unsuccessful transfer to United is not the sole instance that he has been prevented from moving to England.




In 2010, the striker was prepared to transfer from Poznan to Blackburn Rovers. However, the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafallajokul caused widespread disruption to air traffic in Europe and ultimately prevented the transaction from happening.


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