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Sincerely, I believe he is superior. Erik ten Hag will be replaced by the Manager at Man United. It’s better, according to Pep Guardiola.

Sincerely, I believe he is superior. Erik ten Hag will be replaced by the Manager at Man United. It's better, according to Pep Guardiola.

According to Independent journalist Miguel Delaney, if Erik ten Hag is fired before the next season, Julian Nagelsmann, the manager of the Germany national team, is a contender for the Manchester United job.

Delaney stated that the 36-year-old is another possible candidate who is gaining favor alongside former Chelsea manager Graham Potter in his “Reading the Game” newsletter today.

Man United may have to pursue managers without release clauses in an effort to save expenses because they are also concerned about profit and sustainability.

Giving up the release clauses of some of the other managerial targets they have their eye on could have an impact on this summer’s transfer budget, even though INEOS would insist on hiring the best candidate rather than just the most affordable one.

In his weekly newsletter, Delaney stated, “As far-reaching as INEOS’ plans are at Manchester United, they also have present concerns.”

England’s richest team is far from exempt from the problem that has generated so much media attention in recent weeks regarding the game.

Profit and sustainability are two factors that United may take into account when making some important decisions this summer.

In the event that they choose to replace Erik ten Hag, which is thought to be more likely, the limitations may help managers who are currently unemployed.

“In such cases, United wouldn’t be required to pay release clauses, and it appears that this is another factor that improves Graham Potter’s chances.

Additionally, he gets along well with the new football administration. Julian Nagelsmann, the man in charge of Germany at Euro 2024, is another emerging contender.

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When Hoffenheim played Nagelsmann’s team in the Champions League back in 2018, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was “really, really impressed.” Nagelsmann is among the best managers in the world.

He was on the verge of joining Tottenham Hotspur earlier, and he has also been connected to the Liverpool position. It seems that Man United has now added him to their roster.

Since then, Nagelsmann has managed Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig, with the Bavarians losing just 10 of the 84 games he oversaw.

Before being fired in March of last year, he had won the Bundesliga title and two German Super Cups. He might be ideal for the Red Devils.

Since he started as a manager, Nagelsmann has maintained a set playing style, and he could bring out the best in the Man United players who are having trouble staying consistent.

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