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Sad News Ederson’s deal to Arsenal was approved today, Ederson’s cried and send sad 😭 massage to fans and well wishes..

Sad Announcements After Ederson’s contract with Arsenal was accepted today, he sent fans well wishes and sobbed.

Completed Transaction:

Salah, who is valued at £210 million, was approved to join Man City today. He will replace Rodri [SEALED DEAL].

Move Shocked: Man embarrassed the Premier League by signing two 💀 PSG and Madrid targets worth £190-195M.

BBC Declared Man City has signed the greatest player in the world, far superior to Phil Foden. The medical has already been completed, and fans and well-wishers are awaiting an announcement.

Sad News Fabrizio Romano verified that Ederson was humiliated and requested to depart immediately.

🚨 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: Pep Guardiola chastises Two City Players Following Man United’s victory in the FA Cup finals

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Best pictures: thousands of people celebrate Manchester United’s FA Cup victory over Manchester City.
The FA Cup final was won by Manchester United 2-1.

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(Photo by Manchester Evening News user Sean Hansford)
After their team defeated rivals and neighbors Manchester City 2-1, Manchester United supporters are celebrating, but for those at FC United, there was never any doubt that their team “would do them proud.”

To watch today’s match, Reds from all over Greater Manchester flocked to the FC United stadium in Moston. The 5,000 spectators in attendance waited for the referee’s whistle just before kickoff, when flares started to turn the air red and white.

This is the first time FC United has held an event of this kind, according to Adrian, the match day secretary. We have roughly 5,000 tickets sold.

READ MORE: A man attacked by Manchester United and Manchester City supporters before the FA Cup final is left “unconscious” on the street

Following the goal by Garnacho in the thirty-minute mark, the crowd let out a flurry of happy, exuberant chants, screams, and applause.

Nine minutes later, Mainoo, who was picked for England’s squad ahead of the June Euros, made it two, and the cheers of excitement broke out once more. Flags and flares were flying everywhere, and the red side of Manchester was having too much fun.

But after a tumultuous first forty-five minutes, City settled into a rhythm, and Alvarez’s substitution and Walker’s long-range efforts tested Manchester United goalkeeper Onana to the breaking point.

Supporters never stopped yelling and rallying until the 81st minute, when Jeremy Doku gave the Blues a response. There were screams of “come on!” resonating throughout the floor as the seven minutes of extra time added to the pressure caused by the blues. Nerves and tension were evident.

However, spectators knew they had had enough by the ninety-sixth minute, and they started to storm the pitch, hurling hats, shirts, and pints into the air. After a gap of 142 years, supporters of FC United united around a large screen to witness their team win the FA Cup and reclaim it from the blue side of Manchester in the derby’s second consecutive year.

Sam, a lifelong United supporter, exclaimed, “I’m buzzing.” Not only did we need this to give us a little boost after a difficult season, but we also needed it to enter Europe. Yes, I’m content. We’ve won the game, Ten Hag did his job, and I’ll be grinning as we begin the Euros.

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