Real Reason Why Inter Miami owner planning for Lionel Messi’s exit with ‘global superstars’ claim

Real Reason Why Inter Miami owner planning for Lionel Messi's exit with 'global superstars' claim

Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi has had a transformative impact on the popularity of soccer in the US (Image: Getty Images)

Inter Miami’s executives seem committed to making sure that Lionel Messi’s tenure at the team leaves a lasting legacy, given that the Argentine’s arrival in the league heralded a new era for the sport.

Jorge Mas, a co-owner of Inter Miami, has acknowledged that the MLS team has started long-term planning for Lionel Messi’s absence and is actively seeking other “global superstars.”

Since the ownership group, which includes David Beckham, founded the Floridan franchise back in 2018, the Herons have become well-known throughout the world. The highlight of the club’s career was when Messi joined the squad in the summer of last year, marking a significant turning point in American sports history.

Superstars Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez, and Jordi Alba also trailed their former Barcelona teammate to Chase Stadium, demonstrating the aspiration of the group on the rise. Miami tycoon Mas has now disclosed that Vice City executives are already outlining the club’s future course of action as they prepare for growth.

The billionaire from the building and sports industries is especially focused on making sure Messi’s time in Miami leaves a lasting legacy. The Argentine hero’s current contract expires in 2025, and the possibility of the World Cup being held in the US in 2026 is expected to have a profound impact on the popularity of soccer in the country.

Because of this, Mas isn’t afraid to acknowledge that the arrival of Messi and his entourage of A-list players could signal the beginning of a talent wave that will hit Miami. “We do anticipate having a, or multiple, global superstars on our roster in 2027 and beyond,” he said to Time. We are now the sport’s American lighthouse. I believe that the future has no bounds.”

Mas has previously acknowledged that, in addition to playing a big role in Messi’s initial immigration to the United States, he believes this to be a significant accomplishment in and of itself. Since coming to Miami, the forward has not only performed exceptionally well on the field, but he has also sparked an unprecedented response from the American public for a play in the sport.

Real Reason Why Inter Miami owner planning for Lionel Messi's exit with 'global superstars' claim

Inter Miami CF co-owner Jorge Mas has admitted that the club is already for life post-Lionel Messi

“We’re successful,” he stated. We’ve been successful. While expectations are different, we’ve been successful. We’ve succeeded because Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets are here, more players will arrive, and we’re writing new chapters for the sport in this nation.”

Important MLS figures seem to share his ambition as well, as commissioner Don Garber has publicly stated that Messi’s arrival is a component of a larger plan. As the league navigates its next chapter, forward planning seems to be at the top of his list of priorities.

He declared: “Our team has spent decades examining whether the system we currently have in place is the best one and whether we can modify it to make sure we’re capturing the market. Our group is extremely focused on this issue. The question is really, “What do we want to be by 2027?” rather than “When Messi leaves the league,” in my opinion.

Everyone on the planet will be watching us. The entire international soccer and football community will be exposed to the US soccer market. That’s the pressure we have to make sure that, given that everyone is watching, we can deliver the product.”

“We all want this to be an elite league, we all want it to grow,” Mas stated in July of last year during a meeting of the league’s board of governors. However, if we plan to increase our player investment budget, the metrics pertaining to return on investment are crucial.

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