Real Reason Why Arsenal star Leandro Trossard leaves Hollywood actor Anne Hathaway ‘shaking’ with message

Leandro Trossard, an Arsenal player, sent Anne Hathaway a personal video message on Monday morning, leaving her “shaking” with happiness.

Real Reason Why Arsenal star Leandro Trossard leaves Hollywood actor Anne Hathaway 'shaking' with message

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With a candid video message, Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway was left “shaking” by Arsenal star Leandro Trossard. Hathaway and fellow Arsenal supporter Nicholas Galitzine made an appearance on NBC’s Today show on Monday, following their team’s thrilling North London Derby victory over Tottenham.

It seems Trossard’s message was connected to the team’s 5-0 victory over Chelsea the week before, in which he scored the game’s first goal. “Hey Anne, I really loved your celebration the other day for my goal,” Trossard replied. “Keep supporting us and hopefully see you soon at the Emirates.”

Hathaway was shocked and said, “Are you kidding me?” before admitting, “I’m shaking.” Galitzine, the co-star, also added his two cents, saying that the little clip had left him feeling “star-struck” and that he admired famous athletes.

After the win, videos of Hathaway and Galitzine giggling over the match went viral on the internet as they were attending press events for their next movie, The Idea of You. Hathaway erupted from her seat in celebration of Trossard’s goal, saying, “Oh, I love you,” and pumping her fist.

She apologized to her interviewer for her outburst, saying, “We are both supporters of the same team, and a match is currently in progress. Sure, it’s English Premier League soccer, but we don’t want to hog your time.”

With 15 goals in all competitions, the Belgian forward has been a key member of Arsenal’s Premier League title challenge this year. Along with his late equalizer in the Champions League first-leg draw with Bayern Munich, he also scored in wins over Wolves and his old team Brighton.

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The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium starting lineup for the 29-year-old on Sunday was a testament to his outstanding play. After taking a 3-0 lead before the half thanks to goals from Bukayo Saka, Kai Havertz, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Arsenal maintained their hopes of winning the title.

But goals from Cristian Romero and Son Heung-Min gave the hosts a fightback, setting up a suspenseful finish. By then, Gabriel Martinelli had replaced Trossard just past the hour mark, and he was watching from the dugout as his team was hanging on for the three points.


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