Premier League Gave Reason Why Pep Guardiola names new title favourite after Man City slip up against Arsenal

Pep Guardiola names new title favourite after Man City slip up against Arsenal

Pep Guardiola has admitted Liverpool are now the favourites to win the title

With nine games left in the season, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team is now three points behind Liverpool in the race for the championship after being frustrated by Arsenal.

After Manchester City and Arsenal drew their match, Pep Guardiola declared that Liverpool would win the Premier League title.

With nine games left in the three-way title race, Jurgen Klopp’s team emerged victorious, taking a two-point lead over Arsenal and City a further point behind. If Liverpool wins their remaining games, Klopp can end his reign at Anfield with the title, as City was only able to draw level with Arsenal’s defense.

Guardiola replied, “Yes,” when asked if Liverpool was now the favorites to win the championship. We’re third, Arsenal is second, and first is always the favorite. It’s not under our control. The next game is against Aston Villa, so aim to win. It’s easy.

“We accept the argument. We made an effort. Both of us and them didn’t produce much. They were very physical and very compact in their defense. We’re still there as a team.

“In some ways, we could have done better, but overall, I’m happy. I told the group not to be depressed. Arsenal deserves praise for the things they accomplish. It’s not easy, but maybe in the last third we miss a little of it.

“The previous match at the Emirates was fairly comparable. Although it is difficult, we tried to produce a little bit more. They were the best in the league because they were excellent at what they did; now it’s Liverpool. They had a strong season both last year and this one.”

Although he was unable to create many noteworthy opportunities, Bernardo Silva played the entire ninety minutes for City on the right wing. He disclosed that Arsenal had altered their strategy from their previous visit to the Etihad, which presented challenges for the home team.

Pep Guardiola names new title favourite after Man City slip up against Arsenal

Manchester City failed to break down Arsenal on Sunday ( Image: AFP via Getty Images)

“They played the entire game man-to-man in April of last year, and that makes the result somewhat 50-50. Today’s Arsenal team was different and had more experience. They have rookies who have gained a year of experience already,” he said to Sky Sports.

They were far better today, having experienced what it was like to play here the previous season. Many things are possible. Since we won’t be playing against Liverpool and Arsenal again, we are now dependent on them rather than on ourselves.

In order for us to win our own games and accomplish our duties, they must also give up points. We faced an extremely talented team. Extremely competitive, well-organized, and rhythmic. Honestly, it could have gone either way.

“On the pitch, I felt exactly like that. Though I believe we had a stronger start, they played a really solid and well-organized game as well. They were always dangerous, but I felt like we had more possession and control over them.

It was difficult to play against them because, in man-to-man play, their wingers were essentially playing in a line of six when they were pressing high and defending low. There were two entirely different games, and both were extremely well-planned. Making opportunities for our strikers to score goals wasn’t simple.”


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