Pep Guardiola fires back at Man United legend after he criticised Man City star [video]

Pep Guardiola Responds Sharply to Roy Keane’s Criticism of Erling Haaland

Following Erling Haaland’s display during Manchester City’s draw with Arsenal, Roy Keane made his remarks.

Following Roy Keane’s tirade against Erling Haaland during City’s draw with Arsenal, the manager of Manchester City has retaliated against the player.
Haaland’s overall play was likened by the former Manchester United midfielder to that of a “League Two player.”
Guardiola maintains that the forward from Norway is the best striker in the world.
In response to Roy Keane’s slur directed at Erling Haaland during Sunday afternoon’s 0-0 draw between Manchester City and Arsenal at the Etihad, manager Pep Guardiola of Manchester City has responded.

The former Manchester United midfielder compared the Norway forward’s overall play to that of a “League Two player” in his criticism of the forward’s apathetic display during the match between the two Premier League heavyweights.

With less than ten minutes remaining, one of the best strikers in world football, the 23-year-old, missed a clear chance to win the game for City. The forward is statistically among the worst finishers in the Premier League and has only converted 27 of his big chances thus far in the season.

Erling Haaland is defended by Pep Guardiola
He asserts that the striker is the world’s best forward.

Before Wednesday night’s vital match between City and Aston Villa, Guardiola declared that the league’s top scorer is “the best striker in the world.”

“I do not concur with him. Not at all. It would be as though I were to say that Keane manages in the second or third division.

“I don’t believe so. Erling is not the reason we don’t create many chances; he is the best striker in the world and he helped us win what we won last season.

“We played a fantastic game against Arsenal, but we still need more presence in the final third with more players.” I went over it. Maybe because of our superior and varied skill set, we simply missed more players in the last third, but Erling stands out.

Even though Haaland’s performance against the Gunners was subpar by his standards, he has still scored 18 goals in the league thus far. In what is now considered to be a fierce three-way race for the title, their next games will be crucial, and the Norwegian will play a similar role if they are to win the Premier League once more.

Guardiola Taken aback by Keane’s Remarks
The Spanish man is adamant that he would never take Keane’s route.

Guardiola expressed his strong opinion on the subject of former professionals criticizing the efforts of current players, saying he was taken aback by Keane’s harsh remarks. I can understand journalists because they haven’t actually played on the field, but what about former players? I’m always taken aback.

“It’s similar to how referees are always criticized after they retire. For the players, how challenging is that business? I’m always surprised by that. The memory fades quickly. The pundits had the same issues as the players do now. They missed it a million times over for the lack of those actions, and they felt hurt when former players criticized them.

“They [current players] must do it; acknowledge that it is their responsibility. You must devote yourself to another job, such as reading books, if you are unable to accept it as a football player! You have to learn to live with it when you spend so much time in public.”

The 53-year-old is adamant that he won’t sit around and berate his coworkers when he does retire: “We have to accept today as it is and move on. I don’t know what the future holds, but I am not a guy who is going to criticize my colleagues when I retire.” I won’t be there telling them it ought to be this or that. Now that I could be doing it. However, I choose not to. It’s a simple statement to make, but everyone has a purpose in life.

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