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Pep Guardiola delivered a forceful message to Kevin De Bruyne following a verbal incident on the sideline of Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola implored Kevin De Bruyne to demonstrate his abilities contrary to Guardiola’s decision to substitute him during Manchester City’s intense clash with Liverpool at Anfield.

De Bruyne, who is 32 years old, was quite angry after being replaced in the 69th minute, with the score remained still at 1-1. The Belgian superstar was observed expressing his fury towards Guardiola on the sidelines by raising his arms.

Guardiola justified his choice to substitute Mateo Kovacic in order to assist his team in securing a draw from an exhilarating match. He did not object to De Bruyne openly expressing his distress.

Guardiola expressed his approval by stating, “That is commendable.” You will have an opportunity in the following game to demonstrate your abilities. We required a player with exceptional ball retention skills. It does not pertain to pressing. Kovacic excels at that particular skill. However, we were content with Kevin. It is not an issue. We are in a satisfactory condition.

City’s performance positioned them in third place in the table, trailing new leaders Arsenal and second-placed Liverpool by only one point. Guardiola acknowledged that City endured a challenging match, as Liverpool appeared to have a higher chance of emerging as the victors in the second half.

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