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Pep Guardiola chokes back tears while speaking about Jurgen Klopp in emotional tribute

After Jurgen Klopp’s last game as Liverpool’s manager, Pep Guardiola gave an impassioned farewell speech.

Pep Guardiola chokes back tears while speaking about Jurgen Klopp in emotional tribute

Pep Guardiola was nearly brought to tears while speaking about Jurgen Klopp (Image: X)

After Jurgen Klopp’s last game in charge of Liverpool, Pep Guardiola was on the verge of tears as he gave an impassioned tribute to the German manager. Over the years, the two managers have developed a cordial rivalry, with Liverpool being Manchester City’s main rival for the majority of Klopp’s tenure.

On the last day of the Premier League season, the Anfield supporters honored the departing Reds manager after he led his team to victory over Wolves in his final match. When asked about Guardiola earlier this week, Klopp showed some love for the Spaniard, calling him the world’s greatest coach.

Klopp declared, “He’s the best manager in the world.” “That team does not win the league four times in a row if you replace that manager. That is up to him and his group.

When asked about Klopp’s remarks following City’s title victory over West Ham, Guardiola almost broke down in tears as he expressed his respect for his German opponent.

Pep Guardiola chokes back tears while speaking about Jurgen Klopp in emotional tribute

The two managers have shared a friendly rivalry over the years (Image: GETTY)

Guardiola remarked, “I will miss him a lot,” then took a moment to gather his thoughts. “He has played a significant role in my life. We really respect each other, in my opinion. I want to thank him so much for his words and I have a feeling he will return.

“He is aware firsthand of the abundance of resources this club offers and provides for me behind me. If not, I am unable to do it on my own. I’m modest enough to fully comprehend. He frequently lends me a hand.

“He has been a fierce rival in my life and helps me with his team. I didn’t always figure out how to punish them the same way I do other teams. It’s really challenging. My best wishes are with him. Although I missed it, I hope his last game was memorable for him because he deserves it.

“They ask, ‘How many titles did you win?'” That is not the only issue. It’s important, of course, but it goes beyond that. They have distinct personalities. When they settle down, they do so permanently. Jurgen will be present at the level with Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, and the other legends.”

At thirty matches throughout their careers, Guardiola and Klopp have faced each other more than any other manager. In the Premier League, they have squared off on 16 occasions, with City winning five, Liverpool winning four, and the remaining seven games ending in draws.


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