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“People laughed at me years ago when i said he will become a world class player, some even called me a mad person”- Chelsea icon John Terry says Arsenal’s ‘generational talent’ is now proving the haters wrong especially Man U and Chelsea fans

“Generational,” according to John Terry, “people laughed at me.” A player for Arsenal is currently disproving everyone.
Although Bukayo Saka has grown into one of the greatest players in the world, there were many who doubted him for a very long time.

In fact, a lot of observers and supporters at the time were unaware of Saka’s ability, even after he made his breakthrough in a struggling Arsenal squad.

John Terry praised the winger almost immediately after he made his breakthrough, calling him a generational talent; however, Wright was mocked at the time for having such an opinion.

But after a few years, Saka has emerged as one of the best football players in the world, proving that Wright was correct all along.

Terry has shown to be correct.
On the Handbreak Off Podcast, the pundit discussed Saka.

“I recall that we wrote a piece about it when he initially received the number seven. We have been discussing Bukayo from an Arsenal standpoint. People laughed at me when I mentioned that he was a generational talent, claiming that I was too close to it.

However, upon observing him, it becomes evident that, in addition to his incredible skill, he also plays with great intelligence and teamwork as his primary focus, Wright added.

Testing Saka is a gifted athlete who has developed over generations, but, to be honest, he hasn’t always had it easy.

After breaking into an Arsenal team that really tried and ultimately lost at Euro 2020, Saka had setback after setback after setback. However, he has taken everything in his stride and will only get better as he develops and matures.

Saka is among the best players in the world right now, but he has the potential to become one of the greatest English players of all time if he keeps getting better.

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