Martin Odegaard speaks out on what’s changed at Arsenal after missing out on title

Martin Odegaard speaks out on what's changed at Arsenal after missing out on title

Martin Odegaard applauds the fans after Arsenal’s final day victory (Image: Alan Walter – Arsenal FC)

Despite losing the title race, Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard praised his team after the Gunners defeated Everton on the last day of the Premier League season.

Martin Odegaard expressed his disappointment after Arsenal’s heartbreaking Premier League title loss, but he is happy to see improvement at the Emirates.

On the last day of the season, the Gunners were still in the running, but they lost to Manchester City for the second year running. Arsenal finished 2023–24 without a trophy, despite being only two points behind their rivals for the championship.

Odegaard thinks that the team has undergone change and that there is optimism both on and off the field that Arsenal can succeed. After his team’s victory over Everton on the last day, the Norway international made it apparent that he had witnessed his team’s growth.

The captain remarked, “I think we’re all a little bit disappointed.” “We have battled for the grand dream for a very long time. We were very near. I’m incredibly proud of the guys, the group, and the supporters. I’m really happy with the advancements we’re making.

“We’ve changed the club and I think you all believe in us now.”

The belief evident in the stands was also acknowledged by Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal. The 42-year-old former Everton midfielder predicted the Gunners would win a Premier League trophy and acknowledged the role fans have played in motivating the team.

After the game at the Emirates, he addressed the crowd, saying, “All this is happening because you started believing, you started to be patient and started to understand what we tried to do.” “The players and the staff deserve all the credit. Avoid being depressed. We’re going to get much more than that, which is what we want.”

Martin Odegaard speaks out on what's changed at Arsenal after missing out on title

Arsenal fell short of the title, despite winning on the final day of the season ( Image: Getty Images)

Arteta continued, saying during his press conference that he now senses his team has advanced to a new level. The Spanish player thinks his group is ready to make a run at it again.

“In everything,” the man stated. Their competitive nature, their outlook on the future, and their explanation of why they can achieve what our team can accomplish together are all impressive. They seem genuinely committed, and I can feel that. I didn’t feel like we were going to go toe-to-toe and look in every opponent’s eyes because we really wanted to win before. I feel that now.”

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