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Marcus Rashford’s brother fires rant at Gary Neville after admission about Man Utd star

Taking issue with Gary Neville’s concern for the Manchester United star, Marcus Rashford’s brother has taken to social media.

On Thursday’s episode of Stick to Football, when Gary Neville welcomed Rio Ferdinand onto the popular podcast, the Red Devils forward was once again the topic of conversation. Marcus Rashford’s brother has taken to social media to clap back at Neville after the Manchester United icon admitted he was worried about him.

Though he has only scored eight goals across all competitions, Rashford has had a challenging season at Old Trafford. However, his demeanor and mannerisms have drawn the most criticism.

While Rashford dismissed such concerns in a public interview in March, Neville insisted on Thursday that he believes something is wrong with the 26-year-old. “He’s not right, and it’s not just a case of him not playing well. He doesn’t look happy. I am worried about him,” Neville told Stick to Football on Thursday. The 26-year-old’s problems came to light after he recorded a career-best 30-goal 2022–23 campaign to aid Erik ten Hag’s successful start as United manager.

We are aware that he has struggled at times this season due to pressure, but from the way he plays, I don’t think that’s right. “It’s not a lad that’s grown up with the freedom and spirit of playing for Manchester United as a kid.”

Marcus Rashford's brother fires rant at Gary Neville after admission about Man Utd star

Marcus Rashford’s brother has blasted Gary Neville. (Image: Getty)

The reaction of Rashford’s brother to Neville’s remarks on Instagram came just hours before the player is scheduled to play in a crucial Premier League match at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea.

This has brought unwanted attention to Rashford again just before a match, in which defeat would all but end United’s hopes of winning the Champions League. He wrote: “I completely understand podcasts and how they work, but if you have genuine concerns, pick up the phone. We know each other or have crossed paths… Airing so-called concerns for the public to have an opinion is bad mind and clickbait in my eyes.”

Joining Neville, Jamie Carragher, Jill Scott, Ian Wright, and Roy Keane on the Stick to Football panel this week was Ferdinand, another well-known guest.

Rashford may need to think about the people he surrounds himself with, as he did when he moved from West Ham United to Leeds United rather than Chelsea, according to Neville’s former defensive partner.

“He’ll have to decide whether to get rid of them and stay in Manchester or to go out of Manchester and get rid of those people,” Ferdinand stated.

“It might be an accumulation of different things, but that could be a big part because the people around you do have a big influence on how you are – especially accountability.”

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