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Man City star Rodri rubs Mikel Arteta’s face in it after Arsenal title race heartbreak

On the final day of the season, Manchester City narrowly defeated Arsenal to win the Premier League.

Man City star Rodri rubs Mikel Arteta's face in it after Arsenal title race heartbreak

Rodri was one of Man City’s most influential players this season (Image: X: @BVids2912)

While Mikel Arteta’s Gunners ‘did not want to beat them’ during a cagey goalless draw at the Etihad Stadium back in March, Manchester City midfielder Rodri has suggested that Arsenal’s mentality is what cost them the Premier League title.

After defeating West Ham 3-1 on Sunday, City won the Premier League for the fourth time in a row, setting a new record in English football. Even though Arsenal overcame Everton and finished with 89 points, they were still two points behind the Sky Blues.

For Arteta, who witnessed his team give up a commanding lead in the championship race the previous season before pressing City even harder this term, it meant a new round of heartbreak. But amidst exuberant festivities at the Etihad, Rodri had no time for compassion.

“To be honest, it’s in here,” the Spaniard said, pointing to the side of his forehead. It’s the way of thinking. Every league and every club has great players. Even though Arsenal had a fantastic season, something was lacking.

I saw them when they came here and played us at the Etihad—these guys just wanted to draw, you know, not win. We wouldn’t approach things the same way and we catch that mentality. Despite how difficult it is, we will win the final seven or eight games if you grant us one point.”

Arsenal defended deep at the Etihad in March, seeing just 27% of the ball and registering half as many shots as City, but still managed to leave with a point in a tense match that was always going to have a big impact on the title race.

If that game had gone well, the Gunners would have won their first championship in twenty years based solely on goal differential.

Arsenal’s downfall came from a 2-0 loss to Aston Villa at home in mid-April; City finished the Premier League season with 23 wins in a row, including their last nine games.

After an unparalleled run of Premier League victories, Pep Guardiola, the manager of City, is looking for new inspiration. “Some moments I’m a bit tired but some of the moments I love and we are here winning games, looking good with new players,” he stated.

“It occurs to me that nobody has completed four consecutive tasks; why don’t we try? I think it’s finished now, so what comes next? Gary Lineker informed me that no team has ever won both the FA Cup and the Premier League in consecutive years before the FA Cup final on Saturday against Manchester United.”


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