“Look, I know Arsenal fans won’t like to hear this but let me honest with you, there are only two defenders in the world that are by far better than me”- William Saliba named two defensive beast who are the only ones better than him on planet

“Look, I know this will annoy Arsenal supporters, but I’ll be honest with you: Liverpool has a player who is actually far superior to me.”- William Saliba acknowledged that Liverpool has the world’s second-best defender.

“Better than me”: William Saliba asserts that Liverpool actually have a player who is superior to him.
Virgil van Dijk is ranked by William Saliba as the world’s second-best defender, behind Ruben Dias.

Saliba was tasked with ranking some of the best center halves in the world. Speaking on the Sky Sports Premier League YouTube channel, he stated that while he would typically pick Van Dijk as the best on the planet, he had to give credit to Dias after his performances the previous season as Manchester City went on to win the treble.

Saliba claims to be a huge fan of Van Dijk and believes he has been the best player in the world for the last four years, but he believes Dias has surpassed him now.

Van Dijk is the second-best
Saliba delivered his assessment of the Liverpool player.

To be honest, it’s Ruben Dias at the moment. Van Dijk is usually my choice because he is the greatest. He has been the best in the world for the past four years, but Ruben Dias was my favorite player last season, followed by Van Dijk and Thiago Silva, according to Saliba.

“I think they might be better than me right now, but hopefully I’ll be in the top three next season.” Although it’s not nice to say it, they are currently superior to me. Nevertheless, I hope to surpass everyone in this place one day.

Even though Van Dijk has undoubtedly been the best center back to play this position in history, Dias is currently superior.

Regretfully, during the last eighteen months or so, Van Dijk has regressed. That’s to be expected at 32 after a serious injury, so he might have to make do with being the second best player on the planet for the time being.

Although Dias may now be the best center-half available, Dias is still undoubtedly the second best in the world, and Liverpool is still extremely fortunate to have him.

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