Just now: Former Manchester United legend has been confirmed DEAD – Sir Alex Ferguson revealed the cause of his death to journalist this morning

Charlton is widely recognized as one of the most exceptional players in the history of Manchester United, having scored an impressive total of 249 goals in 758 matches. In 1968, he achieved victory in the European Cup with United, in addition to securing three First Division titles. He hails from Ashington. Charlton achieved victory in the World Cup as a member of the England national team.

Gary Neville honors the memory of the late Sir Bobby Charlton, a revered figure in both Manchester United and England football history, who passed away at the age of 86 on Saturday.

Sir Bobby Charlton, the renowned footballer who played for Manchester United and the England national team, has passed away at the age of 86.


Charlton is widely considered to be one of the most exceptional players in the history of Manchester United. He achieved an impressive record of 249 goals in 758 games throughout the period from 1956 to 1973. In 1968, he achieved victory in the European Cup with United, in addition to securing three First Division crowns.


The individual who won the 1966 World Cup achieved 106 appearances for the England national team, scoring a total of 49 goals. This goal-scoring record remained unbroken from 1970 until 2015.


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“We regretfully inform you that Sir Bobby passed away peacefully in the early hours of Saturday morning,” stated his family.


Obituary: Sir Bobby Charlton was a revered figure in the world of football, renowned as a Manchester United icon and a World Cup champion.

“He was encircled by his relatives.” The family would like to express their gratitude to all those who have contributed to his care and to the numerous individuals who have shown love and support.


“We kindly ask for the family’s privacy to be honored during this period.”


Manchester United also honored Charlton, whom they described as “one of the most esteemed and cherished players in the club’s history.”


The club statement described Sir Bobby as a revered figure for millions of people, not only in Manchester or the United Kingdom, but also in every corner of the globe where football is enjoyed.


“Sir Bobby will forever be recognized as a colossal figure in the world of football, not only for his exceptional skills as a player, but also for his admirable sportsmanship and integrity.”


Sir Bobby, who was a product of our youth Academy, participated in 758 matches and netted 249 goals over a span of 17 years as a player for Manchester United. His achievements include winning the European Cup, three league titles, and the FA Cup. He achieved 106 international appearances and netted 49 goals for the English national team, ultimately securing victory in the 1966 World Cup.


After retiring, he continued to serve the club as a director for an impressive 39 years. The remarkable accomplishments, exemplary character, and dedicated dedication of Sir Bobby Charlton will always be remembered in the annals of Manchester United and English football. His impact will continue to be felt through the transformative efforts of the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation.


“The club expresses its sincere condolences to Lady Norma, his daughters, grandchildren, and all those who had an affectionate bond with him.”


Manchester United midfielder Casemiro has expressed admiration for “one of the most exceptional players in history.”


He described Sir Bobby’s victory in the 1968 European Cup as a significant achievement for the club.


Raphael Varane, a centre-back, has shared a post on social media platform X, referring to Sir Bobby as “the most significant figure in the history of the club.”


Former Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has just shared an homage to someone he considers a legendary figure and an essential cornerstone of the club.


Charlton’s primary affiliation in his professional career was with Manchester United, although he also had stints as a player and manager at Preston North End.


He has been praised as “an authentic icon of our sport”.


Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville expressed his condolences upon learning about the news of Sir Bobby Charlton. The preeminent English football player and the most influential representative of Manchester United. An exemplary individual both on and off the field, and a member of the Busby Babes who set the standard for future generations at Manchester United. May Sir Bobby rest in eternal peace.



Expressions of admiration and respect have been steadily coming in for the renowned figure associated with Manchester United.

During Saturday’s encounter against Sheffield United, Manchester United donned black armbands. Prior to the start of the Premier League match at Bramall Lane, club captain Bruno Fernandes placed a wreath on the center circle while a minute’s applause was observed.




A touching moment before to the start of the match at Bramall Lane

Prior to the match, manager Erik ten Hag expressed, “The entire football community is mourning the loss of a legendary figure, a prominent individual, a colossal presence.” He displayed the same behavior both on and off the pitch. He established the benchmark as a player for Manchester United. His accomplishments serve as a model for us.


A book of condolence will be available to fans and the general public on Sunday starting at 10am in the International Suite at Old Trafford.


Prior to his team’s match against Sheffield United, Bruno Fernandes pays tribute to the late Sir Bobby Charlton, a revered figure in Manchester United and English football, by placing a wreath in his honor. Sir Bobby Charlton passed away at the age of 86.

Man Utd has created an online version of the condolence book at Old Trafford for individuals who are unable to visit the stadium but still wish to express their condolences.


During a conversation on Saturday following Manchester City’s 2-1 victory against Brighton, Pep Guardiola stated, “He ceased his professional career shortly after my birth, however, I have certainly observed his most notable moments.” I apologize on behalf of the Manchester City community to the Manchester United community, his immediate family, and the English national team.


“These players epitomize English football in a way that no one else can.” During our upcoming visit next week, I believe we will have the opportunity to create a tribute.



A commemoration of Charlton at the Riverside Stadium

“I have a deep affection for this country for various reasons, but one significant aspect that stands out is their exceptional treatment of their iconic figures, who are highly valued and revered.”


Eddie Howe, the manager of Newcastle, described him as an exceptional individual beyond everything else. He is an exceptional football player who has achieved remarkable accomplishments for both his national team and his club, Manchester United. It was a deeply sorrowful loss for everyone.



A sculpture depicting Charlton as a member of the ‘United Trinity’.

Middlesbrough manager and ex-Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick expressed profound sorrow upon learning of Charlton’s passing.


He expressed that his thoughts returned to the moments he had spent with Bobby – a remarkable individual and a truly legendary figure, which are not always encountered in international sport.



A commemoration of Charlton’s legacy at Stamford Bridge

“Within a Manchester United household, he displayed a profound level of concern for the players and the club, consistently offering unwavering support while dressed in his blazer and suit.” He took pride in showcasing his upcoming opportunity to play for Manchester United and passing that legacy on.


“His career was remarkable, and it is truly inspiring that he chose to use his position to support the players instead of just being a figure, showing great humility.”


Neville: The most outstanding player and representative of England

Gary Neville expresses his condolences to Sir Bobby Charlton on the news of the legendary Manchester United midfielder’s demise. Neville explores the profound impact that Charlton has had on both English football and Manchester United, emphasizing his status as an iconic figure.

Gary Neville, a former Manchester United captain and current Sky Sports pundit:


He is the most prominent ambassador of Manchester United globally and has held this position for around 50 to 60 years. He was a member of the Busby Babes, a football club, and was involved in the fatal Munich plane accident. He managed to survive the catastrophe but unfortunately lost many of his teammates and coworkers. He achieved success in youth competitions at Manchester United under the management of Sir Matt Busby. Subsequently, he triumphed in the European Cup and the World Cup. In more recent times, he served as a director of the club.


“He would consistently enter the changing room after every match, regardless of the outcome.” As a player at the club, you may have overlooked or underestimated its significance. A revered figure, a renowned individual strolling through your dressing room, expressing praise for your accomplishments or extending condolences and attempting to uplift your spirits in the event of a defeat. Undoubtedly, it is a significant loss.


Undoubtedly, he is the best player in English football and, more importantly, the greatest advocate for English football. An exemplary individual both on and off the field.



A floral wreath and an arrangement of flowers placed outside the Old Trafford stadium.

Upon my arrival at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson enlisted the services of Nobby Stiles and Brian Kidd. Bobby had the position of director at the club, while the other European Cup winners were recruited with the purpose of serving as a reminder of the club’s historical achievements. The individuals such as Duncan Edwards and the other young men who perished in the Munich flight crash, Bobby Charlton’s survival of the incident served as a constant reminder of its significance.


“The current blazers worn by the Man Utd players, as well as the ones worn in the 90s and 2000s, are the same as the ones worn by the Busby Babes. Sir Bobby Charlton is the perfect representative for these traditions and standards.”


Sir Bobby Charlton’s actions serve as a remarkable illustration of how one may effectively embody the values of a club as a distinguished ambassador. His legendary status within the club is complemented by his exceptional performance in the boardroom, where he represents Manchester United with utmost integrity.


“His discourse regarding the club was remarkable.” He served as a crucial link between Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson, who led two highly successful eras at Manchester United. He played a consistent and important role during both periods.


Michael Carrick, a former midfielder for Manchester United, expresses his grief over the death of Sir Bobby Charlton, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 86.

Tributes have been paid to the legendary figure of Sir Bobby, who played a pivotal role in the history of Manchester United and the England national team.

Gary Lineker, a former England striker and current Match of the Day broadcaster, praised Charlton’s significant influence on the sport, describing it as a state of “footballing immortality”.


I am profoundly saddened to learn about the passing of Sir Bobby Charlton. An exceptionally talented football player and a genuinely kind-hearted individual. An someone who has won the World Cup, achieved greatness at Manchester United, and, in my opinion, is the finest player England has ever had. Although he is no longer alive, he will be remembered forever in the world of football. “Rest in peace, Sir Bobby,” he shared on X, formerly referred to as Twitter.


With Charlton’s passing, Sir Geoff Hurst remains the sole survivor of the players who began the victorious 1966 World Cup final against West Germany.


Hurst, who scored three goals in the 4-2 win, also expressed his condolences for his former teammate, stating: “Today brings very unfortunate news.” One of the truly exceptional individuals, Sir Bobby Charlton, has died away. We will forever remember him, and the entire football community will do the same. He will be greatly missed by everyone in the country, not only in the realm of sports. Geoff and Judith expressed their condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.


Rio Ferdinand, a previous leader of both the England national team and Manchester United, shared a detailed homage to Charlton, referring to him as “Mr Manchester United”.


“Icon, legend, great!” These words are indiscriminately used by many of us towards those who clearly do not merit such praise, particularly when comparing them to someone of Sir Bobby’s exceptional quality. He was a taciturn guy whose remarks commanded attention, causing you to pause and listen intently.


Gary Neville expresses his admiration for the late Sir Bobby Charlton, a revered figure in the history of Manchester United and the England national team, who passed away at the age of 86 on Saturday.

“He possessed a wealth of historical knowledge and was a regular presence at the club during my time there, accompanying us on our travels worldwide.” Regardless of the outcome, he would be in the changing room, expressing his well wishes to us. The profound remarks he imparted to me at the base of those stairs in Moscow, prior to my ascent to claim the CL trophy, will remain etched in my memory indefinitely.


“The significance of winning the trophy for Manchester United, the impact on the fans, the importance for our team, and the personal significance of achieving it as the captain.” Having the opportunity to spend that particular moment with him was an honor for me. Thank you, Sir Bobby. Mr. Manchester United. Rest in peace.


The official England account stated that they have received the sad news of the death of Sir Bobby Charlton.


Wayne Rooney expresses his condolences to Sir Bobby Charlton following the unfortunate news of the demise of the former Manchester United and England player.

Sir Bobby, a crucial member of our victorious 1966 FIFA World Cup team, earned 106 international appearances and netted 49 goals for the #ThreeLions.


“An authentic icon of our sport.” We will forever remember you, Sir Bobby.


Gareth Southgate, the manager of the England national team, stated that Sir Bobby Charlton, a highly revered player, had a significant influence on our team’s sole victory in the World Cup, which is evident to everyone.


Having had the opportunity to meet him multiple times, I was able to comprehend his personal sense of pride and emotion in being a representative of England. This just reinforced my belief that he is truly one of the most honorable individuals in the sport.


The global football community will come together in sorrow over the loss of an unquestionable icon.


The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, stated that Charlton’s influence on football has had a lasting impact across multiple generations.


“I express my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Sir Bobby Charlton on behalf of FIFA and the worldwide football community,” stated Infantino on social media.


“We grieve the passing of a member of England’s victorious 1966 FIFA World Cup team and a revered figure in football, whose influence on the sport extended across multiple generations.”


Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag and veteran midfielder Scott McTominay express their admiration for Sir Bobby Charlton before their game against Sheffield United.

“We extend our condolences to all those who were in close proximity to him, including his former colleagues, The Football Association, and Manchester United.” May they rest in eternal peace.


UEFA expressed their condolences for the death of Sir Bobby Charlton, acknowledging him as one of the football world’s exceptional talents. May Sir Bobby rest in eternal peace.


Rory McIlroy expresses his condolences on the passing of former Manchester United footballer Sir Bobby Charlton.

Hilary Evans, the CEO of Alzheimer’s Research UK, expressed condolences to Sir Bobby Charlton’s family and all his loved ones upon hearing the devastating news of his passing due to dementia.


“It is truly tragic that Sir Bobby’s last years were marred by dementia, but regrettably, this is the reality for nearly one million individuals in the United Kingdom at present.”


“Alzheimer’s Research UK is committed to altering the outcome for individuals impacted by dementia by discovering a remedy. The distressing news concerning Sir Bobby emphasizes the urgency of our mission.”


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