Jurgen Klopp makes offer to incoming Liverpool boss Arne Slot on one condition

At the conclusion of the current campaign, Feyenoord manager Arne Slot will take over as manager of Liverpool when Jurgen Klopp departs Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp makes offer to incoming Liverpool boss Arne Slot on one condition

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (Image: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

In some cases, Jurgen Klopp is prepared to assist newly appointed Liverpool manager Arne Slot.

Slot is welcome to talk to Klopp about any aspect of the team he is taking over, the manager says. He insists, though, that it is not his place to mandate that Slot or any other new employee seek guidance.

The soon-to-be Reds manager is confident that his endeavor, known as “Liverpool 2.0,” will continue after he leaves. Regarding handing over the reins to the incoming manager, Klopp declared: “It is not my decision.”

“I’m not qualified to offer guidance. I have my phone number on file, so anyone in the world can call me when they are new.

“In this club, we can talk about anything and everything. I enjoy talking about everything. I have no trouble talking to anyone; I enjoy doing so. But it’s not my concern or my responsibility to be available to ask him or her.

“It’s no problem, I will give whatever I know about.”

It is becoming more and more clear that a Premier League championship would need to occur almost miraculously if the Reds are to have a dream send-off for Klopp as they prepare for their penultimate home game of the season against Tottenham tomorrow. Nevertheless, Liverpool has now guaranteed a spot in the Champions League for the upcoming season, following Spurs’ defeat to Chelsea earlier on Thursday.

The German manager maintains that the “pressure is off,” giving him the opportunity to enjoy his final three games in charge of the Reds, starting tomorrow against Spurs. After this game, there will be a final Anfield matchup against Wolves and an away match against Aston Villa.

“It’s definitely my idea. If I didn’t do it, that would be absurd,” he declared. “It takes some persuasion to be content with qualifying for the Champions League, but it is still acceptable.

“Losing the following game, particularly at home against Aston Villa and Wolves, is not helpful. Thus, it’s not exactly fun. Football is being played. We will try to win games because that is the only way to enjoy football. That’s the real reason we train.

“We get the boys ready, make the most of our current time, and let’s see what we can accomplish. But I do intend to have fun with it.”

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