Jadon Sancho doesn’t want to return to Manchester United regardless of Erik ten Hag’s situation

During his loan at Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho has kind of made fun of claims that he is a “finished” player.

With the benefit of hindsight, though, it is impossible to question the choice to loan him because he never displayed such qualities at Old Trafford.

Some are considering the possibility that Sancho could still be employed by the team in the future, given his falling out with Erik ten Hag, which ultimately resulted in his departure.

Sancho will return to the team under new management following an exceptional loan period, and the manager is under pressure and may not be at the club next summer.

What a waste of those stories…

According to German football expert Patrick Berger of Sky Sports, Jadon Sancho has no desire to rejoin United under any circumstances.

Ten Hag has already made up his mind to leave the club, so his decision is unaffected by his future there.

According to Berger, Sancho plans to stay in Dortmund, where he first rose to fame, having found a place there.

Even though recent developments have increased the likelihood of a permanent deal, Dortmund’s financial situation will make it challenging.

Dortmund will attempt to negotiate another loan agreement with a buyout obligation if a deal cannot be reached.

Sancho will therefore play for Dortmund in the summer of 2025 rather than United, though it is unclear how that will help United.

In light of their financial difficulties, the team needs money this summer to bolster their roster, and a revitalized Sancho is an unexpected asset to cash in.

Therefore, it’s still likely that in the summer, United will force Dortmund to pay up or move Sancho to a team that will pay for a long-term contract.

At Old Trafford, a comeback is not possible.

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