IVE TRIED MY BEST-Erik ten Hag has already been given clear indication over Man Utd fate

Louis van Gaal was proudly displaying the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium, oblivious to the fact that he was about to be dismissed from his position.

Jose Mourinho was being fitted for his Manchester United blazer when the Dutchman celebrated their victory over Crystal Palace in 2016, which occurred after extra time. Erik ten Hag should not find much comfort in the fact that he has not received much information about his prospects as the manager of Manchester United.

Furthermore, it is important for him to understand that winning against Coventry and subsequently defeating Manchester City in the FA Cup final, following the remarkable quarter-final triumph over Liverpool last month, will not guarantee his salvation. The next match against their fierce adversaries holds significant implications for his career aspirations at Old Trafford.

The outcome will carry less significance in the evaluation conducted by Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his newly assembled team managing the football operations at United. The focus will be on the performance.

If Manchester United were to suffer a 3-2 defeat against their most despised rivals, following a closely contested match, it would be more advantageous for Ten Hag than securing a 1-0 win while being completely outplayed. Undoubtedly, the home supporters would derive greater pleasure from the second scenario. However, it is certain that INEOS is considering a broader perspective beyond merely reveling in the satisfaction of undermining Liverpool’s chances of winning the title.

Therefore, Ten Hag’s future will not be determined by whether or not United qualify for the Champions League in the upcoming season. That appears extremely improbable at the moment, regardless. There are factors that can help to reduce the negative impact of the situation.

The medical problems they have experienced are atypical, and it is impossible for any manager to generate momentum in a campaign with 53 instances of injuries or illnesses resulting in players being unable to participate in a game this season. However, this is not the sole factor contributing to their numerous losses in the Premier League and their last-place finish in the Champions League group stage.

Ten Hag warrants criticism for his team selections and tactics in numerous matches, despite the challenging circumstances he has faced this season. Some believe that allowing him sufficient time within a well-established football framework will enable the coach, who led Ajax to victory against Real Madrid and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2019, to perform at his highest level.

Many players require relocation, and the duration spent by a new manager to evaluate them could potentially be unproductive. Additionally, there is still remaining credit in the bank from a successful initial campaign that generated significant optimism. The team’s playing style, despite facing criticism from some, yielded positive outcomes, including a top-four finish and winning a trophy.

However, Ten Hag is nearing the limit of his available funds with that particular transaction. Now, he must demonstrate his capabilities in the next weeks of the season in order to secure his position, and INEOS will be more interested in observing the team’s performance rather than focusing solely on the outcomes they achieve. Commencing on Sunday at Old Trafford, this upcoming visit could hold greater significance for Ten Hag than any future journey to Wembley in the coming weeks.

Is football devoid of fans insignificant? It is difficult to comprehend.
Recall the time of the Covid epidemic when we were informed that football lacks significance in the absence of spectators.

That was humorous. Since the return to normalcy, those supporters have once again been subjected to insignificance. Over the past year, 17 out of the 20 Premier League clubs have increased the pricing of their season tickets and single-match tickets.


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