‘It was very disappointing, he lacks experience, we don’t deserve to qualify and he caused it’ – Arsenal icon criticises ONE Gunners key player in defeat to Bayern Munich after what he did late into the game that COST Arsenal a place in the Semi Finals

In his evaluation of Arsenal’s performance after their “hugely disappointing” Champions League elimination at the hands of Bayern Munich, Martin Keown held nothing back. Arsenal lost despite being the favorites to advance, giving up a strong header from Joshua Kimmich to seal Bayern’s 3-2 aggregate victory.

Keown vented his annoyance, saying that Arsenal’s performance did not justify them moving forward. He pointed out Bukayo Saka’s lack of urgency and experience when he chose to take a short free kick rather than test the goalkeeper in the final seconds of the match.

In light of Saka’s decision, Keown commended the player’s initiative but hypothesized that an alternative strategy might have produced superior outcomes. He bemoaned Arsenal’s generally lackluster performance throughout the game and underlined the urgency of the situation, particularly in the last moments of the game.

“It was quite disheartening, essentially encapsulated at the conclusion when Saka, for whatever reason, took a free kick [short] when there was a chance to truly test the goalie,” Keown said to TNT Sports.

You’ve just observed a small amount of inexperience. The last few conversations should be more urgent. Saka decided that on the spur of the moment.

“I also respect that.” However, I believe he would have done better to take that free kick delivery, and it could have been a spectacular goal.

“I feel as uninteresting as the show.” They were uninteresting the entire game, and the finish lacked any true urgency. It is really disheartening.

Although Bayern had the advantage, they emerged with greater resolve. Arsenal is having a very bad evening. All you want is for the players to give it their all, but that wasn’t the case tonight.

“If you put on a show like that tonight, you don’t deserve to go through.”

Keown underlined his disappointment at Arsenal’s failure to rise to the occasion against Bayern, saying that he felt as flat as the performance itself. Even though it was “there for the taking,” Bayern showed more tenacity and eventually advanced to the semi-finals.

It is currently a completely dismantled changing area. We are quite dissatisfied, Arteta declared.

“We must experience it.” We attempted to compete against a highly skilled team. There have been extremely narrow margins throughout the tie. We gave them two goals in times when we were superior, which is a significant advantage to give up.

It was evident today that there was no margin for error. We gave up the goal because of a serious defensive blunder we made in the box.

“This is the right time to stay with the players; they require our help.” They are the ones who started this journey for us.

Following the European exit, Mikel Arteta expressed similar disappointment, calling the dressing room “gutted.” But with Arsenal still in the running for the Premier League title, he asked supporters to stand by the players as they refocus on finishing the campaign on a high note.

Arteta acknowledged that football games often have narrow margins of victory and emphasized defensive errors that cost Bayern the game. He underlined how crucial it was to support the players and have faith in their ability to recover despite the setback.

In the future, Bayern Munich’s triumph sets up an intriguing semifinal matchup with Real Madrid, which heightens the excitement surrounding the Champions League season. With both sides having impressive European backgrounds, the stage is set for an exciting matchup in the chase for continental supremacy.

The disappointment of their Champions League exit provides Arsenal with motivation to rekindle their domestic campaign and pursue success on the home front as they regroup and turn their attention to the Premier League title race. The race for the championship, which has six games left, promises drama and excitement right up until the season’s last whistle.

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