IShowSpeed makes promise to Manchester United after signing ‘important’ contract

It would appear that Manchester United have recruited popular American YouTuber and streamer IShowSpeed at Old Trafford.

He begins by narrating what transpired in a video that the 19-year-old uploaded on YouTube.

“I just got this call from Man United and they told me to pull up to their office,” stated the player.

“What the fuck is going on? I’m completely bewildered.” Someone who seemed like a manager or businessperson called me from Manchester United.

“They said it’s very important.”

A contract is laid up on a table at the Old Trafford press conference room, and IShowSpeed is then shown entering to sign it.

Speechless, he exclaims, “Oh my god, bro, no way!”

IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr., signs it while flash photography goes off. After that, he takes questions from “journalists” in his role as the club’s “record signing.”

In response to the initial inquiry on its significance, IShowSpeed states, “My top three.”

Over it all, he mentions meeting Cristiano Ronaldo and Randy Orton’s RKO at Wrestlemania.

“To all the Manchester United fans out there, just know that we are going to be number one, I love this club and I will make sure that you all know I love this club,” added the manager.

After after, IShowSpeed meets two kids who present him with a Manchester United shirt that reads “million” instead of the regular “24” on the back.

After that, he gets a guided tour of Old Trafford, which includes the locker area, where he can see a Speed shirt with the number seven stitched into it.

Apparently, this film is a party in honor of IShowSpeed’s recent achievement of 24 million YouTube subscribers.

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