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I’m going to protect myself for longer than ever.” – Pep Guardiola, coach of Manchester City, laments after gathering against the team’s 115 FFP charges

The tale of Manchester City’s triple-winning campaign is told in the team’s most recent documentary. It demonstrates how the players felt about the club being accused of violating Financial Fair Play rules 115 times by the Premier League.

After a poor run of play, Pep Guardiola used Manchester City’s 115 Premier League charges to give his team the impression that they were being attacked.

The players’ reactions when they discovered that City had been accused of 115 financial fair play infractions by the Premier League are captured on new behind-the-scenes video from the team. Guardiola made an effort to improve City’s performance at the beginning of 2023, but the footage indicates that they were unsure if they still wanted to win the Premier League.

Following some difficult months in January and February, City rebounded and quickly achieved a record triple. A noteworthy incident that occurred prior to the home victory over Aston Villa—the first game played following the charges’ public disclosure—is also captured on camera. To aid his team in defeating the Premier League rivals, Guardiola made a significant alteration prior to the match.

The film doesn’t really deepen our comprehension of City’s viewpoint. A video of Guardiola declaring he would not resign as manager during his assured press conference a few days later was played. They had stated at the time that they wanted an impartial analysis of the data to exonerate them.

However, Guardiola arranges for his entire squad, including the bench staff, to form a circle around him in the locker room prior to the Villa game, so they can observe what it’s like.

Spurs had just defeated City. The manager had previously reprimanded his team for playing poorly in a run of games. Guardiola yelled at his team to prepare for the game and told them to meet on the field prior to kickoff after learning about the charges in the Premier League.

“I must speak with you. “Come here,” he said to her. “First, tonight’s games, and then whenever we all gather before the game.” In the circle in the center, between the judge and the opposing team, they give each other hugs. We are going to win every game, or at least try, they say, counting to three, regardless of who it is.

“Next, I have a great time at this club. Don’t give a reason. They frequently assisted me in difficult times. Give my troops to me. You guys will always support me, no matter what. Okay, pals. My goal in this Premier League is to fight. More than ever, I want to compete in this Premier League. Assail everyone while ensuring their safety. On the field, ladies and gentlemen, we have won everything. The club is great, I really like it. I also adore you.Come on, let’s go.

After winning the league title, City didn’t lose once more. They went on to win 14 of the next 15 games after that. Before every game during the season, including this one, there were huddles. The city claims they are innocent of the accusations.

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