I was a member of the most recent Manchester City team to quieten Anfield – it seemed as though Liverpool had an additional 13 players on the field.

Pep Guardiola is quite proficient in winning football matches and so does not require much guidance or coaching in this regard.

The Catalan has consistently achieved success throughout his career, elevating the benchmark for the number of points required to secure a league championship in three distinct leagues. Additionally, he has also triumphed in domestic and European cup competitions. However, as he gets ready for another visit to Merseyside, it would be wise for him to recall how his own beliefs align with those of the previous Manchester City manager who managed to quiet the Anfield throng as far back as 2003.

The city’s performance at the stadium is abysmal; they defeated Liverpool 4-1 there in 2021, but the match took place without spectators because to the Covid pandemic. Although the Anfield crowd’s impact is acknowledged in the record books, last season demonstrated once again the immense influence they had. This was evident when Guardiola incited them after Phil Foden’s goal was disallowed, and when he repeatedly mentioned ‘This is Anfield’ in his post-match interviews following yet another defeat.

Kevin Keegan is the most recent manager of City to achieve victory in front of a crowd at Anfield. This occurred when City, in their first season back in the top flight, concluded their final away encounter with a last-minute winning goal from Nicolas Anelka. Milan Baros initially scored the first goal for the home team, but former Liverpool player Anelka, under the management of former Liverpool manager Keegan, scored two goals. City’s own player, Shaun Wright-Phillips, assisted him in scoring.

“We approached the situation with great assurance, as anyone familiar with Keegan’s character is aware of his inclination towards offensive tactics.” “Upon reaching that position, the play that Nic and I executed was in line with our preferred training routine. We consistently aimed to perform one-twos, and it flawlessly materialized, resulting in him successfully scoring,” stated Wright-Phillips. “The atmosphere at Anfield is consistently reminiscent of a Champions League final.”

“Typically, managers would express the need for an additional team member.” During my time playing there, I experienced a strong sense that Liverpool had an additional advantage in the form of an enthusiastic and supportive crowd, creating an environment akin to having an extra two players on the field.

“It was among my preferred locations for engaging with the audience and experiencing the ambiance.” You must fully accept and adopt it, as there are no alternative options when it comes to participating in games at Liverpool. To really appreciate the experience, it is necessary to fully immerse oneself in the ambiance and derive pleasure from performing in a stadium with a boisterous and lively audience.

“The noise level during our playtime was high, and with the installation of the new stands, it is expected to become even louder.”

Keegan has an exceptional understanding of Anfield, surpassing that of most individuals. Additionally, he adhered to a coaching philosophy centered around playing offensive football, which he always upheld throughout his career. His management skills endeared him to supporters of the teams he oversaw, yet also posed challenges for his defenders.

Richard Dunne, who played as a defender for City on that day, remembers goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel’s remarkable performance in keeping the game close before Anelka scored. Dunne, who has recently begun coaching City’s Under-16s, discussed how the team effectively executed their strategy to neutralize the environment, a tactic frequently employed by Guardiola’s City.

“Anfield is a stadium that people desire to visit, attend, and fully experience due to its rich history and renowned European matches,” he expressed to the Manchester Evening News. “Upon arrival, one can palpably perceive the atmosphere.”

“The stadium is always filled with an enthusiastic atmosphere that demonstrates a strong passion for football.” No matter your identity, you are aware that you will face a challenging match. The situation would have been equally difficult for us if we had been in your position and had to go there.

“The situation was as it was, but we had a manager who desired to implement an offensive style of play and instructed us to engage in the sport of football.” Although it is not always beneficial, it was advantageous on that particular day.

“Liverpool exhibits an exceptional level of speed and energy, making them extremely difficult to stop once they establish a consistent pace. However, in my opinion, City is the most superior team globally.” By engaging in their game and directing their attention towards their objectives, they will choose the optimal approach to confront the game.

“While maintaining utmost respect for Liverpool, it is possible to excessively focus on the opposing team.” If City has a team of 11 highly skilled footballers who are performing well, they have the ability to challenge Liverpool and make a strong effort to win the game.

City’s performances away from home last season were significantly improved, indicating a notable progression. After suffering a devastating loss at the Bernabeu in 2022, they managed to secure a 1-1 draw there a year later, setting the stage for their impressive victory in the second leg. They also demonstrated their ability to perform under pressure in the previous round against Bayern Munich and in the final in Istanbul.

City has already surpassed their previous year’s record by winning 15 out of 19 away games in all competitions. A victory on Sunday would elevate their success percentage to 80 percent, while also enhancing the overall performance at Anfield, which now stands at only two wins in the past 21 years, three wins in the past 43 years, and four wins in the past 69 years.

Guardiola and his players derive satisfaction from disproving others’ expectations as they strive to achieve more milestones. Therefore, any negative recollections they may have of Anfield will be utilized to suppress the criticism around City’s unfavorable track record at that venue. Dunne believes that the game’s significance has increased due to the title race. The Blues are currently one point behind Liverpool with 11 matches remaining, which will further intensify their determination.

“No matter where you are, if your team has that record, it will receive special attention and become a topic of conversation among people.” For the players, it presents a chance to revise the historical records. “It serves as an additional motivator,” he stated.

“This particular situation appears to be reaching its maximum limit, as they emerged victorious in that location a few years ago.” This City team has the ability to emerge victorious in whatever location they choose. When they are at their best, they are not afraid of any stadium in the world because they are exceptionally skilled and confident.

“Due to the magnitude of the match and the ongoing competition for the title, it would provide them with a significant advantage.” There are still several challenging games remaining for all teams to navigate before the season concludes. However, if a team can secure a victory in their rival’s territory, it establishes a clear indication and demonstrates to everyone that they are making progress once more.

If Manchester City can achieve a rare victory at Anfield by implementing Guardiola’s style of play, regardless of his affection for Liverpool, it seems highly likely that Keegan would endorse such a result.

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