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Howard Webb congratulates VAR for Man Utd decision but admits error was still made

Howard Webb congratulates VAR for Man Utd decision but admits error was still made

PGMOL chief Howard Webb (Image: Twitter@SkySportsPL)

In response to Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana’s penalty against Burnley, head of officiating Howard Webb expressed his thoughts. He praised the officials for awarding the spot kick despite the fact that they made one mistake.

In Burnley’s 1-1 draw with Manchester United, VAR awarded a penalty, and PGMOL chief Howard Webb has praised the decision.

Late in the game, goalkeeper Andre Onana bumped into Zeki Amdouni while trying to claim the ball; referee John Brooks initially missed the incident. But after Peter Bankes on VAR advised Brooks to view the altercation on the pitchside screen, Burnley was given a penalty kick, which Amdouni scored.

It comes after Onana was involved in a similar incident earlier in the season, when the United star collided with Wolves’ Sasa Kalajdzic in injury time and Wolves were not given a penalty. Webb stated at the time that the VAR official was “overthinking” the situation while acknowledging that an error had been made.

Webb also made the following comparison between the two incidents on Match Officials Mic’d Up: “When we make a mistake, we examine why and how we can improve. After talking with our group, we share all of that knowledge with them.

We also acknowledge that the events at Old Trafford in the first week of the season should have prompted a VAR intervention but didn’t. This is extremely similar: Onana enters the game, makes strong contact with his opponent without touching the ball, and the referee is not present to witness it.

“He witnesses Aaron Wan-Bissaka head the ball away, but he misses Amdouni’s contact, which the VAR picks up on pretty quickly.” It’s obvious that the referee should have awarded the penalty kick, so it’s advised that he watch it on the screen to confirm that there was heavy contact.

“It’s a penalty kick, and there’s no argument against awarding one. That’s why it’s obviously incorrect. Additionally, it’s fairly efficient and we called it correctly. Hence, VAR is useful once more. Fortunately, this one was called accurately.”

Howard Webb congratulates VAR for Man Utd decision but admits error was still made

Andre Onana conceded a penalty for this challenge on Zeki Amdouni ( Image: Getty Images)

He acknowledged that the referees erred in not showing Onana a yellow card. Webb clarified, “I think there’s a recklessness to it.” “That day, he didn’t receive a warning. Given the recklessness of the action, I believe that a yellow card should have also been given.

“I don’t believe there was major foul play. That challenge doesn’t seem to involve excessive force or brutality, but it does involve some recklessness. And typically, that would result in a yellow card.”

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