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Full Reason Why Roy Keane branded a ‘prat’ for Erling Haaland jibe as Aston Villa hero unloads on ‘dreadful coach and an angry man’

Gabby Agbonlahor is merely fed up with Keane’s criticism of Haaland for “not getting involved enough.”

Gabby Agbonlahor is merely fed up with Keane's criticism of Haaland for "not getting involved enough."

Roy Keane and Graeme Souness

Roy Keane has come under fire for his “clickbait” remarks regarding Erling Haaland; Gabby Agbonlahor has called him a “prat.”

The legendary player for Manchester United, Keane, criticized Haaland for not being “involved” enough outside of his amazing goal-scoring feats. Since joining Man City two years ago, the Norwegian has scored 84 goals in 93 games; however, Keane questioned his work ethic and willingness to play as a team member.

But when it comes to Aston Villa hero Agbonlahor, the numbers speak for themselves. After serving as Keane’s temporary coach at his former club, the pundit said to Razed, “He can be a bit of a prat sometimes.” He can say a few things just for the sake of saying them, since I worked with him at Aston Villa. Because Erling Haaland wasn’t brought to Manchester City to get involved, his remarks about the player were sensationalist. While Haaland was brought in to score goals and put the ball in the net, you have players like Mateo Kovacic, Bernado Silva, Kevin de Bruyne, Phil Foden, Jack Grealish, and all of them who can get into little holes.

“He was the top goal scorer both last season and this season, so what more could you ask of him? Because he might not make a great first impression or because he might give it away when he comes close? Over the weekend, he received the ball and, although the defender assumed he would shoot with his left foot, he scored with his right foot in the bottom corner.

“Erling Haaland is probably laughing now that he’s seen this criticism. Is it Roy Keane’s fault due to what he did to the relationship with Erling Haaland’s father? Some people never forget things, and they harbor grudges against both his son and a family member. Perhaps that is the source of it.

“Yes, Haaland may not get too involved when I watch him, but that’s what he’s been told. Jack Grealish has been instructed to move the ball quickly and not dribble too much, while Kevin de Bruyne swiftly searches behind for Haaland. They all have their roles, and there’s a reason why they won the treble and why they will win the Premier League. They all have their roles and responsibilities, and they’re not searching for double figures in build-up play.”

Full Reason Why Roy Keane branded a 'prat' for Erling Haaland jibe as Aston Villa hero unloads on 'dreadful coach and an angry man'

Gabby Agbonlahor

“He was okay when he first came in but the problem with top players becoming managers is that they can’t understand the squad of players aren’t (as good as) your squad of players you played with,” the player responded when asked how he got along with Keane during their crossover at Villa. He was unable to comprehend that we were not able to play midfield and defense like he did.

“He wasn’t a bully, in my opinion, but he was extremely OTT when it came to the players, and some of them didn’t get along with him.” He eventually quit because he was unable to deal with the fact that some players had retaliated against him. It was unfortunate because although I was happy to see him, he was a terrible coach and a very irate man. The Roy Keane that appears on Sky is not at all the same Roy Keane that was a coach.”

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