Finally: Jürgen Klopp gives new Arne Slot assessment after Liverpool ‘agrees deal’ for new manager

Speaking following the draw with West Ham, Jürgen Klopp offered additional insights on the Dutch manager. Liverpool and Feyenoord have reached an agreement over Arne Slot.

Finally: Jürgen Klopp gives new Arne Slot assessment after Liverpool 'agrees deal' for new manager

Jürgen Klopp has responded to another question about the likely new Liverpool manager Arne Slot. (Image: Vince Mignott/MB Media/Getty Images)

Even so, Liverpool won’t want to focus entirely on Arne Slot’s upcoming arrival. It’s worth trying to enjoy the last three games under Jürgen Klopp, even if there’s nothing at stake.

This has been made somewhat more difficult by a sharp decline in performance, as Liverpool failed to embody the spirit of the Klopp era during this farewell match. However, when Anfield stands to cheer the manager one last time, the on-field events will amount to little more than a sideshow.

Before you know it, though, all eyes will be on Slot and his ability to lead this team to greater heights and continue the challenge that didn’t quite work out this time. Additionally, Klopp is already answering inquiries about who will probably succeed him.

Although details are still pending, Liverpool and Feyenoord have reached an agreement regarding Slot’s compensation package. Nothing more is anticipated to interfere with the appointment.

Although the links were beginning to heat up, Klopp had already expressed his opinions about Slot. The departing manager supported the Feyenoord manager despite emphasizing that he was not involved in the selection process.

After the draw with West Ham, Klopp was questioned by Match of the Day once more regarding Slot, as it appeared that Feyenoord had now reached an agreement. He responded in a new way.

“If I don’t know a manager personally I can only touch the subject from watching their team and the way they play football,” Klopp stated. “He is undoubtedly a really good manager, and Feyenoord is a really, really good football team.

“If that occurs, I’m glad for the club. I’m not positive, though. I am content because other people make the decisions and they will do them correctly, so it doesn’t really matter if I am happy.”

The decision has mainly been made by Michael Edwards, the new head of football at FSG. Edwards was previously Liverpool’s sporting director before spending some time away from the team. Slot is believed to have emerged after fitting Klopp’s profile perfectly and having a track record of exceeding expectations.


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