Exclusive: The future of Conor Gallagher and Arsenal’s ideal situation Kai Havertz and others

Chelsea are now indecisive regarding their stance on Conor Gallagher.
Chelsea has not yet made a decision regarding Conor Gallagher and his contractual situation. The club will require a considerable amount of time to reach a decision, but they have not ruled out any alternatives.

Tottenham’s interest remains unchanged. The object has been present since the previous summer, nevertheless, at this moment, I do not possess any knowledge regarding any discussions, such as a formal agreement proposal or any offers made.

Although it may require a certain amount of time, we shall observe the outcome inside the upcoming months.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has a strong affection for Alejandro Garnacho.
Erik Ten Hag expressed great admiration for Alejandro Garnacho following the South American winger’s pivotal performance in Manchester United’s 2-0 victory over Everton at home on Saturday afternoon.

The teenage forward justifiably earned two penalties, both of which were skillfully converted by Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford.

Manchester United believes they have acquired an exceptional talent who will greatly contribute to their team, both in the present and in the long term. They hold the belief that Garnacho possesses significant untapped potential and ample opportunity for growth.

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