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Every word Arteta said on title race, going again next season and Saka injury

Everything Mikel Arteta stated about Saka’s injury, returning for the upcoming season, and the heartbreak of winning the race
After his team defeated Everton 2-1 but was still denied Premier League glory, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta addressed the media and provided an update on Bukayo Saka.

Every word Arteta said on title race, going again next season and Saka injury

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 19: Mikel Arteta, manager of Arsenal, acknowledges the home support after the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and Everton FC at Emirates Stadium on May 19, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images)

At the conclusion of the season, how do you feel?

First and foremost, congratulations to Manchester City on their Premier League victory. What they’ve accomplished since December is unbelievable. Even though every performance has been the best we’ve ever seen, it has been an amazing journey, and it wasn’t enough. This level is it.

A range of feelings today. To start with, to be incredibly proud of the players and the staff. They’ve performed a fantastic job, pushing us to the utmost extent possible in an attempt to win the Premier League. Sadly, it [was] a little short, and we were unable to provide the prize that we had hoped for.

You asked your followers to expect more from you.

It is the sole route. They took it away from us, and now we see them there while we are also there. This is season two. There’s only one way to do this: you have to push the boundaries of everything we have, be more courageous, ambitious, and determined than ever before. The next action is that.

What, in your opinion, changed this year?

Everyone in attendance at the most important time of the year. Significant change.

Is there an instance that jumps out?

With Aston Villa at home, no doubt. It ought to have been 4-0 at the half. Had things turned out differently, perhaps. Given what transpired on Tuesday, we might have won. These are the extremely narrow margins. The team and the club should accept credit for that. We are playing against by far the greatest team in Premier League history.

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Man City, 93, 98, and 91: is a perfect score necessary to win the championship?

Yes. But I know what it takes because I was present when we completed 100 points. I am aware of what transpired, and this is the stage. Nobody needs to explain the level because I spent four years there every day and I am aware of the steps we need to take to get there. Not just for the current season, but for the entire one as well. We are traveling in the correct direction, and I have never seen the evolution happen so swiftly. We’re headed in the right direction, so now is the time to grit our teeth and bite through because we want more badly.

The summertime window is approaching. What is required of you?

Relax. I hope you have an amazing vacation. We need to rest first because everyone has given us their all and we need to replenish our energy and passion. And we’ll begin to think more clearly when we unwind, rest, and reflect.

Plans underway? Not requiring extensive surgery?

The first and most crucial one is going to be how we raise these players’ game. My first job was that, and then that. Visualizing that, we still won’t have enough to accomplish that, so we’ll undoubtedly need to exert all of our effort to fill in the gaps.

Fit enough for football to require so many points? 89 is a normal number, right?

Indeed, the competition wasn’t as intense as it is now in the last 15 to 20 years of this league, and with [89 points] you are undoubtedly the winner. However, it is insufficient. This is also probably the reason why we are improving faster and better and faster—someone is just that good that you have to chase after them. That is also what qualifies you as good. And that’s it. Guys, we can’t be sorry for ourselves. We are getting better, we tried. Again, it was an incredible season, but the fact remains that we are not champions.

Do you think the gamers are itching for more?

Yes, but during the preseason I experienced the same thing. Upon our reunion, we observed that players were reaching new heights, spending an additional year together, and some significant additions had been made. The team had a strong belief that it could win any competition and go all the way. For the first time in seven years, we have participated in the Champions League, and we are currently leading the Premier League. We now need to maintain that standard.

By “players going to a different level,” what do you mean?

In all things. Their competitive nature, their outlook on the future, and their explanation of why they can achieve what our team can accomplish together are all impressive. They seem genuinely committed, and I can feel that. I didn’t feel like we were going to go toe-to-toe and look in every opponent’s eyes because we really wanted to win before. I feel that now.

Is it difficult to stay motivated all the time?

No, I don’t believe that. The reason we’re still there is because we want to win.

What do you have planned for this evening?

Would you like to take a look with me? I’m having dinner with my family and a few friends here. And have some quality time with the players and the staff together. That’s my plan of action.

Why are you so sure that “we’ll win it”?

We’ll be closer and ultimately prevail if we put in the necessary effort. When? I’m not sure. However, if we continue to knock and stay that close, it will eventually happen.

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